Forever Skies Coming to Early Access in the Next Couple Months!

1 June 2023, Wroclaw, Poland | Forever Skies, the upcoming first-person, sci-fi survival game has a release date for its Early Access PC launch - xx June / July / August 2023

Forever Skies is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi survival game that has players exploring an ecologically ruined Earth. Players will navigate the world in a high-tech, mobile airship that they will build, upgrade and customize. On top of exploring the skies, players will also venture beneath the toxic dust that blankets the Earth’s surface. Scavenge for rare resources, defend yourself against viruses and modify pathogens to boost your body. Discover what became of humanity before its downfall and be wary of what mother nature has allowed to evolve in this new, toxic environment under the dust. 

The new trailer highlights this never-before-seen “Under The Dust” footage for the first time.

Forever Skies is being developed for PC and current gen consoles.

Article by: Susan N.



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