Play The Demo of Revival: Recolonization Ahead of Its Launch on June 28th

June 11th, 2023 - HeroCraft PC opened the Demo of its 4X game Revival: Recolonization during the PC Gaming Show event. The demo is available right away on Steam! Press, and influencers alike are welcome to thoroughly try the game before its EA launch on the 28th of June 2023.

The Demo is the pre-final Revival: Recolonization experience and offers hours of gameplay without play-time or content restrictions. Some polishing will be applied to an Early Release though. 

Revival: Recolonization is a 4X game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth.  Players will lead a fledgling group of people as they rise up, improve their technologies and lead Humanity to glory and prosperity. 

Manipulate the terrain using the Edict System to give your army the edge in tactical battles
Customize your units the way you want to. Primeval warrior with high-tech gear? Sure, why not!
Retake the Earth from the frantic AI that will make you face the consequences of your actions.  

Revival: Recolonization is the first entry in the Revival franchise to appear on PC. The first two entries debuted on feature phones.

About HeroCraft PC

HeroCraft PC is a publisher and occasionally a developer of PC games, including King of Dragon Pass, Tempest, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. The company’s portfolio comprises over 10 games with a focus on role-playing, action, and strategy titles. HeroCraft PC is currently publishing several games, including  Heart Abyss (Steam), Deck of Souls (Steam), Anvil Saga (Steam), Catizens (Steam), Roboholic (Steam), and Organs Please (Steam).
Article by: Susan N.


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