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Annecy - France, May 25, 2023 – Studio Polycorne unveils customization features of Silicon City, due for release on PC on 22 June. Become a master planner (as well as a good mayor) and enjoy a wide range of data, and customizations available for the sandbox mode, but also interact on Twitch.
Silicon City is a fresh and innovative perspective on the classic city-building genre, where every citizen matters and has a say.

Be an urban engineer and a blueprint master

Use all the architectural tools at your disposal to shape your city to your taste. From the location of farms and residences to the optimization of the electrical system, commercial areas, cultural areas, and other public service buildings to optimize locations and make life easier for your citizens.

Study the value of your land, the occupancy and employment rates in your neighborhoods, optimize your power grid, and listen to the needs of your citizens (up-skilling, need for culture, health, happiness).

Create a unique and artistic city of your own

The zone buildings in Silicon City are procedurally generated, allowing you to have a variety of houses, farms, and offices in your city. These buildings are originally shaped and painted according to the influence of their neighborhood and the value of the land, but you can remodel or repaint them as you wish.

Use your creativity and design a 'historic' area and/or create iconic and colorful areas of your city like Notting Hill (London), Castro (San Francisco), or Altstadt (Cologne).

The customization options in Silicon City start with buildings and go up to citizens, the interactivity of streamers with their audience, and even complete scenarios.

Twitch app - or how to amplify customization and fun

The streamer (and mayor) can invite his subscribers into the game as citizens.
The latter will have many possibilities to act and interact in the game such as using the social network of the game Bakr and interacting with the streamer in-game, finding a job, walking around, rebuilding their house, and among other possibilities, voting in the municipal election.

Silicon City on Steam 

Silicon City Wiki - includes more details on Features

About Polycorne Games

Polycorne Games is an indie video games studio from Annecy. We put gameplay innovation at the heart of our projects. We encourage creativity within our team to produce a unique gaming experience. We were born gamers and have a real passion for video games and their mechanics. Polycorne shares these values by contributing to management game projects with innovative concepts..
Article by: Susan N.



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