Week in Review - July 3rd to the 7th

Welcome back to the weekend! It was a short week with both celebrations for the 1st and the 4th of July. Holidays being over for both Canadians and Americans we started the week up on

The week started off on Wednesday with Nick's review of the PS4 version of Y's Origin. Raiting it just below Richard it looks like this only non Adol version is worth tackling on both of Sony's consoles!

" Perhaps the single most impressive thing about Ys Origin is not its characters, its combat or even the impressive world-building that is structured as a backdrop to the story, but how well the game has aged in the years since its original release."
- Nick

Taking a trip backwards Dimitris shares his time with Devil May Cry 2 for the PS2. Pretty much coming to the same conclusion as everyone else, I'm hopeful that he loves the third!

"However, the production values, originality and inspiration of DMC 2 are considerably lower than those of its predecessor, so I could not recommend it to anyone. At least it did not ruin the franchise."
- Dimitris

The week ended off on a low note with my review of Dragon Quest VII. Try as I might, I just didn't like it. The design and the pacing all felt off and in the end? I'm grateful for the final localization but I'm off and finally playing DQ8.

"Finally having happened and released late last year, we've got a review. After all this time was it worth the wait and the ride to get to it? I'm still not sure."
- Pierre-Yves

Article by Pierre-Yves


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