Week in Review - June 23th to the 30th

We started off the week with Robert's first view of WARTILE. The quote says it all:

"While WARTILE is in Early Access it is still a robust introduction to what Playwood Project is bringing to PC gamers everywhere and that is a strategically rich board game experience with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay."
- Robert
Following that up the afternoon had Nick's full review on Marvel Heroes Omega

"Given that the only initial investment that needs to be made here is time, I can strongly recommend giving Marvel Heroes Omega a chance. The team has done an excellent job in producing a polished game that learns a lot of lessons from their time with the PC version of this game."
- Nick

Tuesday morning kicked off with Breanna's review of Farming Simulator 18. She put hours and hours into it and in the end? It scored rather quite high!

"It is disgusting how addictive this game is."
" All in all Farming Simulator 18 on the DS is exactly what you expect: a massive illogical timesink that will make you question your life goals. "

- Breanna

Following up in the afternoon was a different kind of field experience with Richard diving back into the world of Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls. Ah I still remember the first time he dived into it. It was almost platinumed before release!

"As a port to PC, I have to say they did a really good job. The game actually felt crisper and more fluid, which is surprising considering my computer specs, and while I'm hard pressed to say if any of the issues I had with the Vita release were resolved, the fact that I didn't notice they were there may be a self-answering observation."
- Richard

The middle of the week started off with Nick jumping back onto the Horror Game Train, one that I generally refuse to touch, with Perception.

"The end result is a horror game that is has some flaws, but elevates itself from a very crowded field in its genre to something a little more unique, if not terribly memorable in the end."
- Nick

The afternoon took on a lighter tone with the end of the world as Nadia and her two companions, sorry three including the squirrel, go about trying to prevent it in Nadia Was Here.

"This really isn't your typical Retro inspired title. Joep Aben has managed to find the sweet spot between the both the 8 and 16-bit styled graphics to create a unique look that won't easily be mistaken for another. "
- Pierre-Yves

The week is almost over and Nick drops the headset back into place for the VR version of Dead Effect 2. That reminds me... my brother and I still need to take this for a spin to see how it compares to Killing Floor 2.

"Dead Effect 2 VR is a ridiculous, bombastic experience that probably would not be nearly as much fun on a standard monitor, but makes great use of the virtual reality technology."
- Nick

Not wanting to make the same joke two days in a row, ah hell with it, the afternoon took a lighter tone with life or death on a strange alien planet with Plant Nomads that is currently in Early Access.

"Planet Explorers works well and is fun to play but it still has some improvements to be done especially in the resource gathering department."
- Pierre-Yves

The week topped off with a double header from NISA! The first of the two is Spike Chunsoft's latest port to the PS4 for the Danganrompa Series with Another Episode: Ultra Dispar Girls with yours truly,

- Pierre-Yves
and the second is God Wars Future Past from Kadokawa Games covered by Nick.

"...God Wars: Future Past manages to hit enough key notes to still make it an enjoyable game. It likely won't bring new fans to the strategy/RPG genre, but those who are familiar with and enjoy it should find plenty of things to enjoy here."
- Nick

Article by Pierre-Yves


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