Week in Review - July 17th to the 21st

Welcome back to our Week in Review!
Richard started the week off with his thoughts on the latest Xanadu game Tokyo Xanadu. While those with a PS4 may want to wait until the revamp's release later this year, hardcore fans not wanting to wait or willing to do it again should really pick it up!

"While Tokyo Xanadu may not appeal to everyone, with it's lack of English voice-overs and at times clunky mechanics, but is certain to at least provide some good entertainment while waiting for your next anticipated title."
- Richard

Next up we had Nick's take on the latest RPG Maker FES that was surprisingly for the 3DS. With multiple members of the team being fans of the software it'll be interesting to see how well it takes off with the handheld.

"Like any 'Maker' game, you get out of the software what you put into it. RPG Maker Fes will provide owners with hours of game creation, assuming you can see past the non-existent early guidance and a couple of annoying aspects of an otherwise splendid UI."
- Nick

The middle of the week saw an interesting entry through a PC version of Pathfinder titled Pathfinder Adventures. Robert loved it and while I myself have mostly moved on to 5th Edition, there's no real substitute for a good Pathfinder one-shot.

"Pathfinder Adventures PC game is a wonderful port from the traditional living card game model that many are familiar with. With the excellent combat mechanics and gorgeous art, Pathfinder Adventures is a game for any fan of the franchise, and even moreso for fans of card games in general."
- Robert

Almost finishing the week on a high note Robert takes a look at Elite Dangerous' PS4 port.

"Though Elite: Dangerous on the PlayStation 4 is a straight port, it is an incredibly excellent release."
- Robert

Finishing the week on a not so high note is my review of After the End: The Harvest. Not bad by any means, this indie RPG needs polishing in order to run smoother.

"If you can get past the issues and get past the lag there's definitely a gem underneath and the developer is still working on it and providing updates."
- Pierre-Yves

Article by Pierre-Yves


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