Week in Review - July 10th to the 14th

The week started off with our Review of Black the Fall from Sand Sailor Studios. It's worth every minute.

"Between the tones of the color palette and the visual presentations of a world that is all but broken, the journey of one man in order to escape it all is enough to make your heart ache."
- Pierre-Yves

Tuesday brought about an odd one. Open world sandboxes are nothing new but when you've gone and added giants inspired from Shadows of the Collosus? That's new! Our preview of Voodoo by Brain in the Box.

"So all in all Voodoo has some ways in order to go but if they fix the servers and the lag at the very least things will already be in much better shape."
- Pierre-Yves

The middle of the week saw Nick's review of Oceanhorn by Cornfox & Bros. that just released upon the Switch. It was definitely interesting for me to read as Breath of the Wild was not out when I sailed the seas making it a tribute to Zelda and not the idea of what Zelda used to be. Read it!

"It is almost impossible to play Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas and not think back to older Zelda titles, and by and large this game hits most of the necessary notes along the way. "
- Nick

Every now and then an established idea mixes in a variety of new ideas and comes out with something brand new that can easily stand on its own. Death Squared by SMG Studio is one of these.

"Death Squared is one of those unique titles that is able to wear a few different hats, as it is a uniquely challenging single player experience that also works as a party game. Usually titles like this only excel at one and tend to be lacking in the other, so kudos to SMG Studio for striking a great balance between the two. "
- Nick

Finally the end of the week landed with Chris' review of The Golf Club 2 by Maximum Games. It's impressive how far sports titles can push the graphical boundries sometimes. This is definitely not Hot Shots!

"Golf enthusiasts should enjoy The Golf Club 2 quite a bit. The physics are realistic, the course variety is potentially limitless and it looks and sounds the part."
- Chris H.

Article by Pierre-Yves


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