Mionix Sargas 320 Gaming Surface - Hardware Review

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing Mionix's Zibal 60 mechanical keyboard, Nash 20 gaming headset, and their absolutely perfect Naos 8200. Today we bring you Mionix's Sargas 320 gaming surface, an affordable mouse mat designed to be portable and of the highest quality. Does the Sargas 320 fit in with Mionix's other products that simply exude quality and perfection? Read on for more info!

I have used a few gaming mats, from the fantastically huge PC Gaming Race Extended Mouse Mat to others such as the SteelSeries Qik gaming surface as well as a few Razer mats, and when I compare the surface texture, grippy back, and manufacturing quality the Sargas 320 is right up amongst the best I have ever used. The surface is as smooth as silk and the Naos 8200 tracks perfectly on it.

On top of the near-perfect tracking there is almost no friction between the Naos 8200 and the Sargas 320 so moving the mouse is effortless and smooth. Using an EtekCity Scroll Alpha gaming mouse was not nearly as enjoyable on the Sargas 320 as it seemed to "stick" more, though that may be due to the fact that the EtekCity mouse is full of sharp corners and weighs a metric ton. Using my SteelSeries Sensei Wireless mouse yielded results similar to the Naos 8200, though the movement of the Sensei was not as smooth as the Mionix mouse.

One of the biggest issues I have had with mouse mats in general is that they tend to attract everything from dust and lint to crumbs and other debris and while the Sargas 320's super-smooth fabric surface does quite well in repelling dust and other particles, it still gets dirty. Fortunately though a few brisk wipes and maybe smacking the flexible mousepad against your leg will shake free any dust or debris and you can get right back to gaming as needed.

At about $15 the Sargas 320 microfiber gaming surface is a steal given Mionix's dedication to high quality production and superb performance. After countless hours using the Sargas 320 the gaming mat has proven to be durable, easily cleaned, and of the utmost quality and every gamer should head over to Mionix's website (www.mionix.net) and pick one up.

Review by Robert

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