Koei Tecmo details the next entry in Samurai Warriors series

Keoi Tecmo shows off some new characters for the upcoming title (releasing this fall). Samurai Warriors 4-II promises to be more character focused than ever.

Here is the presser:

KOEI TECMO America released a wealth of new information for the upcoming Samurai Warriors 4-II, a tactical action title slated to be released on September 29th 2015, on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and digitally on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, and PC via Steam®.

Samurai Warriors 4-II is a hero-focused saga. Unlike the previous Samurai Warriors games that focused on delivering their narrative by exploring the various regions of feudal Japan, this title casts a spotlight on the characters themselves and tells their stories through 13 exciting new chapters. These chapters revolve around nine characters introduced in Samurai Warriors 4, three fan-favorites from previous titles, and a brand new addition to the samurai roster.

KOEI TECMO revealed a set of screenshots of this new playable addition: Naomasa Ii. Naomasa is a general of the Tokugawa army, known both for his bravery and for donning bright red armor when taking to the battlefield. Naomasa has been part of the  Samurai Warriors universe since the first installment of the series, but this is the first time he will appear as a playable character.

In addition, the first three of twelve returning playable characters were announced, accompanied by a batch of assets and battle screens. These characters are: Nobuyuki Sanada, the elder of the two brothers in line for leadership of the Sanada clan and a very level headed and competent warrior, Hisahide Matsunaga, a feudal lord under the rule of Nobunaga, and last but not least Koshōshō, an adventurous and ambitious paramour.

Finally, KOEI TECMO announced pre-order bonuses for some of the most celebrated lady warriors. Customers who pre-order through Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop will receive a set of four bonus costumes for Naotora Ii, Lady Hayakawa, No-hime, and Koshōshō. Digital pre-orders through the PlayStation®Network will receive a brand new and exclusive dress ensemble for Naotora Ii!

Article by Nick

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