Updated Supreme Ruler 1936 leads to an updated review as well

Supreme Ruler 1936 is an intense, history-heavy combat simulator that our reviewer Marc spent a good deal of time with before writing up his final thoughts. Now that the game is out, there have been some notable updates, and as a result, Marc spent some more time with the game and wanted to share his revised thoughts.

Here was what he had to say:

The preceding review was completed based on a version of the game that was a pre-launch state of the game. With a turnaround time that would put larger companies to shame, BattleGoat has released a fairly substantial feeling update to this title. The pdf manual contains a lot more information than it used to, for starters, and marks one of the few times, in recent recollection, that a user will benefit from actually giving it a skim before launching the software. Some additional tooltips added to the interface helps make it somewhat more usable, which yields a positive result to both the visual appeal and to the overall gameplay experience.
The game as it exists now is a somewhat more polished version of the game, polished enough that I would readily improve the gameplay and graphic rating that I gave, and bring the overall up to a 7. BattleGoat studios is still working to revise their software even further, and if the tutorial was fleshed out a bit more to handle luddites like myself, I would unreservedly recommend this title to any strategy gamer that wants intense depth and would like to attempt to micromanage the entirety of the world’s conquest.

And in case you missed it the first time, here is the review in full.

Article by Nick


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