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The Sniper series has always appealed to me, but then in most shooting games I generally gravitate towards the sniper class, simply because I like to strategize a bit more in those games.

Well, Rebellion is teasing some big news that should reveal sometime this next week:

Studio gears up as Sniper Elite 3 pre-orders go live on Steam

Oxford, May 29th – Independent UK developer Rebellion has promised a significant announcement in the coming week for its award-winning World War II shooter series, Sniper Elite.

With Sniper Elite 3 releasing June 27th, gamers might be surprised to hear that the upcoming announcement is not about its forthcoming title, while the teaser artwork released only features the series iconic eagle motif.

Rebellion’s CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley explains:

“We couldn’t be more excited about Sniper Elite 3’s launch on June 27th. Naturally, being on five platforms – including the new consoles – means it’s had more attention than anything we’ve made before. We’ve been taken aback with the interest and reception so far.”

“But there’s always more work to be done getting the Sniper Elite name in the hearts and minds of gamers who are new to the IP, or aren’t aware of the stealth and emergent gameplay that surrounds the core sniping mechanics”

“Next week’s news will be a huge step towards this goal.”

Rebellion and Steam team up to offer free DLC and 20% off Sniper Elite 3

The news comes as the studio – who are self publishing the PC edition of the game - launch pre-orders for Sniper Elite 3 on Steam for the first time.

Exclusive to Steam is a 20% discount on the game’s launch price, while the anticipated DLC mission “Target Hitler: Hunt the Grey Wolf” will also be included for free.

Sniper Elite 3 launches June 27th worldwide, digitally on PC.

505 Games are publishing Sniper Elite 3 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Playstation 4 in Europe on June 27th, and in North America on July 1st.

Article by Nick

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