Loot Crate - Review from last month's Adventure theme

For those of you that don't know, Loot Crate is this really cool little service where, for a monthly subscription (that is quite affordable) you receive a box of gamer and geek-related goodies. So when I was asked if I would like to review a Loot Crate I was more than a little excited, after all who doesn't want to receive a box of gaming goodies?

So at the beginning of the month when I was asked if I would like to review the Crate, I naturally said yes and after waiting what felt like a lifetime, I finally received my Loot Crate and I was overjoyed. You see, part of the allure of the loot crate is that, A: you are not really privy to what you will be getting, though you are given an idea when you visit their site, as they will give you a list of the different manufacturers of the items that will be in the Crate so the anticipation is all a part of the fun; and B: the stuff you get is just plain neat. For my Loot Crate (for the month of May), I only knew that it would contain some Minecraft swag, some Adventure Time stuff, some Legend of Zelda gear, a soundtrack, and some other goodies. Well, needless to say I was super stoked.

I know it is silly, but when I received the Loot Crate I was quite impressed by the box itself; it is a sturdily built mysterious black box that simply says "Loot Crate" on it and has your shipping label. Once I opened the Crate I giggled in glee as the tightly packed box was filled to the brim with some very novel items, though the first thing that drew my eyes was the rolled piece of fabric lining the back of the box. I hurriedly pulled the item out and shook out the rolled t-shirt and did a little happy dance as I found a fantastic little screen print of Link that is made up of terms such as "Courageous" and "Hero." You can see a neat little picture at:

Along with the Zelda shirt, I received a very neat little Legend of Zelda key ring bottle opener (that cleverly states "It's Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This" ) as well as a fun little Zombie from Minecraft hanger that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed playing with. In addition to the Zelda and Minecraft items, I also received a couple of sets of decals and some relatively silly mustache temporary tattoos. I also received a soundtrack from The Friend Zone and an Adventure Time tin and figurine.

All in all, I am quite thrilled with the contents of the Loot Crate and can't help but recommend the service. Not only is it affordable, but you will receive a mysterious box full of goodies where waiting and wondering is a part of the fun. The contents are nicely built so you are getting some quality pieces, and the little novelty items that you will receive will be welcome on any gamer's (or geek's) collectibles shelf or computer desk. Check out their site and sign up for one of their packages and you will not be disappointed.

Review by Robert

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