Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Trailer

One of our more anticipated games of the coming year has some new information and a trailer to go with it!

The press bits:

BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. released a new trailer for its upcoming game Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment introducing the infamous Player Killing guild “Laughing Coffin” and its sinister leader, PoH. In the fantasy world of Sword Art Online called Aincrad, thousands of players have been locked into the virtual reality MMORPG, and should the player die in game they will die in real life.

As the main protagonist, Kirito, and his companions fight to survive in this perilous world full of suspicious players, they will encounter new characters such as:

Philia: The mysterious girl met by Kirito in "Hollow Area"… Who is she? Where does she come from?

Strea: She met Kirito after the 76th Floor and joins him frequently. Her skill compares favorably with the Assault Team, though it is unknown which guild or party she belonged to for two years.

PoH: A red player called the killer. The player killing organization "Laughing Coffin" was thought to be wiped out but... He is active behind the scenes in "Hollow Area".

The conquest for all 100 floors of Aincrad and exploration of the newly discovered “Hollow Area” will begin in summer 2014 exclusively for PlayStation®Vita on the PlayStation®Network with Japanese VO and English subtitles.

And the trailer!

Article by Nick

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