A new Fatal Frame for the Wii U announced

Fatal Frame is one of the creepiest video game series ever to grace any console or computer. Now it may be coming to the current generation as Tecmo KOEI and Nintendo have come together to create the next iteration for the Wii U. That would be good enough news for fans of the series, but apparently there is more in the works.

While there is currently no release date or even a given title for this next entry into the horror series, it has also been announced that a movie, a novel and a comic book will be coming out as well. Will this latest version of the game make its way out of Japan? Fans of the series have to hope so. Spirit Camera was generally panned (and not considered a true sequel of any sort but more of a spinoff of the series) when it released on the 3DS a few years ago. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was released for the Wii - but only in Japan.

We still consider the first three Fatal Frame games to be among the best horror titles ever. Here is hoping we get to see this series finding new legs.

Article by Nick

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