Who wants to play a more classic games on their Vita?

I imagine more than a few of you would raise your hand at that question, right? Good news then, because whether by some happy accident or some incredibly sneaky planning by Sony, apparently a large collection of previously unavailable titles just popped up as available on the SEN web store. That is right: all the digital PSone and PSP games should be accessible on your Vita. Sound too good to be true? It might be - but what it if isn't?

Several reports from NeoGAF indicate that quite a few users not only found this, but are able to download and play these previously unavailable titles without incident. The thing that makes it feel like this could be an accident is that as of right now the games do not show up on the Vita store front. That being said, quite a few people are reporting on issue buying from the PlayStation 3 store and are providing some pretty interesting screenshots to go with it.

Reports are that some games (Pocket Fighters has come up in the forums post here a couple of times) as an example of a title that is causing problems. Others say Spyro, Crash and Phantasy Star are working just fine. Since Tuesday is when Sony launches their weekly updates, is this a glitch in the system or did people stumble onto some potentially huge news before Sony themselves got to announce it?

Article by Nick

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