Mario Kart 8 - Screenshots and preview

Mario Kart will forever be a favorite series of mine. I first spent lots of time with the series back on Mario Kart 64, when that title along with other classics such as Madden and GoldenEye took over college living rooms on a regular basis. Many a good time was had when someone used a lightning bolt (and the person triggering it shouted "Be Small!" to the rest of the room, inevitably eliciting a series of groans from anyone unfortunate enough not to be invincible due to a star at the time) and shortcuts were tried (and often failed).

The action is often comical and while racing games are not generally my thing - something about Mario Kart just resonates with me. It has arguably been one of the best titles for the Nintendo 3DS to date, so it comes as little surprise that Mario Kart 8's announcement for the Wii U has been met with a good deal of interest.

What about you? Any interest in this? Will Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros manage to help the Wii U find some solid footing?

Article by Nick

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