Metroid - Retro Reflections

I've been on a Metroid kick the last several days. I thought that fan game IGN showed a video of on Wed was pretty cool, and overall I enjoyed my time spent with Metroid: Other M and put that review out there recently. But this is about the first game in the series, Metroid for the NES.

Now, I didn't play this game right away. My first couple of games were Elevator Action and Dragon Power. I actually had gotten Kid Icarus pretty early on as well, but Metroid was a game I got from a friend via trade when he was sick of it a year or two after it released. I loved the game though, barely getting through it on my own the first time, and then played through it almost immediately after using the maps in a spread of Nintendo Power to get every last little item the game had to offer.

So, I gave it a while the other day for a time (which was a bit of a challenge since my PC game controller's not working right now - I need to pick up another one it seems), so I used my keyboard for a time. Overall, the game holds up pretty well though. Response-wise running, jumping and shooting were all good, and the graphics were pretty solid for a game of that age. The sense of progression as you find and unlock new items became a staple in Metroid games going forward, and quite a few other games as well. Overall, this one stands up better than most of the others I've played with since starting Retro Reflections.



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  2. Man...watching your video made me remember more of when my brother and I played the game!
    I may have to purchase this again one day, and give it another run.

    I forgot to ask in my original post(deleted now), about the picture-in-picture portion of the video. Can you refresh my memory on that, was that just platform hopping game-play, or a special room?

  3. Good morning!

    That section was leading up to Mother Brain. It was mostly platform navigation - going downward instead of up, but having to fight Metroids on the way down. It was funny - when I first encountered Metroids it took me a moment to recall the basics of fighting them - freeze/missile and if they latch onto you, morph ball/bomb to get away.

    This was the only other Metroid game I ever completed (though I did see the ending to Prime 1 when my buddy Randy beat it at my house to show me the end).

  4. Oh metroid! I remember staying up all night with friends many times going through the game, writing down a million save codes and mapping out some of the areas.. Great times and I think a great game that still holds up. :)

    I never did play super metroid and get a mixed sense from reading reviews and talking to people slightly younger than me who were in that snes era.

    It's currently near the top of my game queue spreadsheet (yeah, I'm that ocd) along with other classic titles like some of the bonk series for tg16, dungeon explorer and zelda: a link to the past.

    and regarding Kid Icarus, I've hit what I term 'nostalgia goggles'. Picked it up on VC awhile ago and have fond memories of it, but it's not standing the test of time for me. (only 45min of gameplay and I can't get into it)


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