Gaming thoughts... 4/7/11

When I started this blog, it was with the idea of writing game reviews like I had in the past on and off on other review sites. Mostly I was just interested in having a 'home base' - a place where my reviews could go first, where I could better customize the surrounding layout of the page - things like that. When I first started, I have a following of 1 (waves "hello" to his wife). My following base is by no means huge on here, but I have had a handful of people who comment frequently and even sent me messages when I was considering giving up on it altogether.

I took a few weeks off recently to work on my backlog of games - I acquired quite a few in the last year, and haven't been able to play through them yet. That gave me some time to start following some new blogs about video gaming, and get some fresh perspective. I updated my reading list on the left of my blog to reflect some of these newer ones, and pulled down some of the inactive blogs that had been collecting dust and cobwebs over there.

One of my new notions going forward is to maybe not be quite so regimented with how I do things here. I only made review posts on Fri/Sat, sometimes a Retro Reflects Sundays and on Wed did gaming news and notes. I like scores - they're a quick, easy way to digest information, but I found some of my favorite articles on other blogs just being opinion pieces, or lists - things like that. So I'm going to try and just toss out some random articles that aren't just based on game scores or videos - but just talk about whatever gaming topics are on my mind at the time too.

This one's is going to be really short, but it's just a list of what I've been playing this last week or so. I've been working on a lot of games lately, with more reviews coming sooner than later. But I thought it might lend me some focus if I just say what I specifically recall playing recently, and if others want to comment on their games or what they think of the ones I'm playing - cool by me!

FX Pinball by Zen Studios - specifically the PS3 tables - I bought them all, including the Marvel ones

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX for the PS3

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for the Xbox 360

The Witcher on my PC

King's Bounty - The Legend on my PC

I also knocked off Dragon Age 2 last week, and that one had been occupying the majority of my time until I beat it.

What have you been playing?



  1. been playing Goldeneye, mario 64 DS and Artstyle: Cubello(so addictive).

    Daemion has been playing Epic Mickey, Yoshi's Island, UDraw Studios, Mario 64 DS and a little of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

    having a blast with all of them.. especially Mario 64 DS.

  2. GoldenEye 007 Wii, and Monster Hunter Tri...
    I'm really enjoying my time with Monster Hunter Tri's single-player campaign.
    I think the environments and monsters in the game are designed extremely well, and the game so much that you can do as for crafting items, it's really insane.

  3. Man, I am going to have to break down and get Golden Eye when I'm a bit further through my backlog, clearly. :)

    Monster Hunter Tri... there's another one I have hardly played. Like it, just keep pushing it back for other titles.

    But, it seems like a game where you can just sink a ton of time into it.

  4. yes, get goldeneye!

    ive been holding off on monster hunter.. the reason is because i know i will get addicted to it and play it nonstop. ive got too many games that i need to be playing with my son right now.. and im telling ya, outa all my friends that i used to play games with, i have more fun playing them with my son than anyone, ever!


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