Bloggin', a few quick hit thoughts in general

So, I've been trying to decide what's a good amount of content to blog or not blog. I've been trying to do no more than 1 a day, but hoping to do at least a post or two a week. I see a wide range of video game blogs from those who post several pieces a day, to those who go with maybe one or two a week at most. What is your preference, out of curiosity? Is it hard to 'keep up' with a blog that's putting out a post or more a day? For example I had my game review and retro review done yesterday - but I scheduled them out to keep things spaced because I don't want to push content too far down before people get a chance to see it. If someone doesn't post regularly, do you quit visiting?

For me, I prefer lots of content - but I have that sidebar in my Blog that shows my most commonly read blogs like Coffee, Little Gamer and 8-bit, so I see when they update.

Also, is there anything in particular you like to see? When I started this blog, I was just doing a review every week or two. Then I started sprinkling in News & Notes. Then I started the Retro Reflections. Now I've been tossing out a bunch of less easily categorized articles. Just curious what people thought of that.

I finally pulled the poll for game systems. It was pretty even with the Wii the overall winner. Replaced it with the gamercard/contacts for myself.

Last 2 thoughts:

Game I'm looking forward to the most right now: Mortal Kombat
Game that recently disappointed me a lot: Fallout - New Vegas


  1. Happy weekend!

    I prefer blogs because of the more personal aspect to them.

    There are TONS of sites that rehash/recycle news on a daily basis, so that's why I've made a point to not do that on CwG, but I help two other sites with those things...the HYPOCRITE I AM!

    I don't mind the weekly updates, as they may contain news I missed, and they allow your content to not get buried quickly...which is another reason I don't do recycled news on my site now.
    I spend a good amount of time just reading up on the games I do my data stories on, and editing pictures, and then if there's a video I'll try and grab that also...I would rather original content stay up, than get flooded out and ignored by press releases and the gaming media favorites now, "Top 5 PS3" "Top 10 PS3" "Top 15 PS3" and "RUMOR! Sony PS4 to Cost $500K! WiiHD IS Augemented Reality!"

    They all have their places I guess, but it seems most of the big sites simply recycle news now, and do very little interviews/previews/reviews of games, unless they're the gigantic ones like Crysis 2, Halo, Call of Duty, Mario, etc.

    I know everybody has different thoughts on it, I've had an idea burning for the last 6 months, as a way to talk about gaming news each week, but as typical Coffee/Scott fashion, I haven't even attempted it yet.

  2. @coffee - thanks for the feedback. Overall, that's how I feel about it too. I enjoy seeing the more personal content, reviews from 'non-professional' sites. The news and notes thing is a bit tedious when I do it, and I realize probably 80% of it is stuff others have seen, but I try to put my own thoughts on it too, and only post the stuff that seems either a) really big news or b) personally interesting to me.

    Appreciate the pop-in and feedback!

  3. Well, I think that you and I both know what schedule The 8-Bit Variety Show espouses...

    Somewhat like Coffee, I created 8BitVS because there are plenty of news aggregate sites out there already. I wanted my contributors and I to create original content, mainly because it's fun. We need more humor, thoughtfulness, and strolls down memory lane in the world of video game reporting, and I wanted to contribute to that.

    Because of the time-intensive nature of generating original content, though, I can usually only update once or twice (or on the rarest of occasions, THREE TIMES) per week. It feels like an alright flow, although I wish I had more time so I could do more, but perhaps Future BitNick will have that luxury.

    Don't get me wrong, but the way... News aggregate sites have a very important place in the digital world, and it doesn't hurt to have some of that in your blog. All I'm saying is that original content is why I go to other people's sites and blogs, including yours, Chalgyr. It's the stuff I like the most, and if it means longer waits between posts, I say, so be it.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. I definitely agree there's a place out there for all of it. I'll be honest, I found most of these other blogs, including yours 8bit - through @coffee's blog. I started my blog on something of a whim. I work at a software company that makes cool video and image editing software, and I was already reviewing random games on sites (I was a journalism major w/ computer science minor in college) - so this just seemed like a natural avenue for me.

    I did little bits on and off over the first year, waiting to see how much traffic I'd get, what people liked, things like that. I've been enjoying both of your blogs, and Little Gamer's too now, and it's been nice seeing what's out there.

    It's sorta given me an additional boost of energy/interest of late, which probably accounts for my higher post rate of late.

    @coffee - guess I didn't realize you were contributing to other blogs - mind if I ask what other sites?

  5. Well, I guess it's three kind of...

    I do what I call rehashed/recycled news pieces randomly for, and

    Once every 2-4 weeks, I'll do my usual data type post, but change it a bit for

    I'll be putting up a post here soon on RespawnAction, and my posting over's game connected of course. :)

  6. @Coffee - cool I know I've been to Nintendo-Okie before, though I believe only once or twice -maybe if you've referenced them before in your comments on your blog? That sounds familiar now. Going to have to check the others now too - cool - thanks for sharing!


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