Gaming News and Notes from 4-6-11

Here's a quick rundown of the latest Xbox Live releases in this week's update.

This one's not news, but with Mortal Kombat coming out soon (and I'm pretty excited for it) - IGN had a cool rundown for every MK ever. In a semi-related note - the Live-action Mortal Kombat series kicks off April 12th.

And here's the PSN updates this week.

I'm still playing the first Witcher. I dig it, but not as much as I thought I would. Still, I've been curious about the much anticipated sequel and here's the system requirements for it.

NBA Elite (the new name for the EA NBA series) got scrapped this year, but it will be out for Fall 2012. They will also be doing a new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.

The next Black Ops DLC has been found out.

Quite the price drop for Rock Band 3 - $20 now.

Lastly, there's been quite a few rumors that the hackers who took credit for goofing up PSN networks yesterday are at it again today. As I've been trying to update my sidebar with gamercards - I've run into several PSN errors while unsuccessfully attempting to get my portal ID from PSN. There have been a lot of complaints on forums about connectivity today, but I haven't seen any official posts yet..


  1. i downloaded the MK9 demo and loved it.. took me back to the old days of mk2 and 3.. i played those in the arcade like no other. when part 4 come out, i completely stopped playing.. even when they changed it up again, i still couldn't get into the controls and how the characters moved.. the new one still has similar movesets like the last few games, but it's something i'm learning to get used to. at least when you press up, they jump now lol. its a very nice mix of new and old if you ask me.. and i'm real interested in seeing the storyline and all the official characters and dlc.

  2. MK has definitely been on my radar. IGN's had lots of screenshots, and both gamespot and ign have had a lot of trailers for it. Pretty complete character lists, and so far the PS3 version has officially announced (and had a trailer for) for Kratos as a PS3 exclusive character for it - which has me stoked, I enjoy God of War and actually just starting playing Collections.

    There was a 'rumor' post on today though about some potential 360 exclusives too, though as of my reading none were confirmed yet. there was going to be an additional mode and possibly an additional character.

    For me, it'll be PS3. My son will want to play and so it goes back to that whole 'free online account' thing that is often the deciding factor for us.

    I've never really cared for the 'exclusive' system thing. I remember when Soul Calibur 4 did that with the Yoda/Vader characters (though later you could buy the opposite character as DLC, though I don't know if that will happen here. Hard to picture Kratos on the 360, eh?)>


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