Try and Stay Alive When Tales of Fablecraft Launches July 23

New Launch Trailer Highlights How to Not Die When Adventuring

Mythas, July 9, 2024 - Today, Riftweaver announced that Tales of Fablecraft, the virtual tabletop RPG proudly made by humans, will launch into Steam Early Access on July 23. The announcement was accompanied by a release date trailer celebrating the most important–yet difficult–aspect of any RPG… trying to stay alive.


At launch, all players will be able to download and play the full Road to the Starfall Festival Adventure for free, with the option to purchase additional premium adventures, dice skins, and player token skins. Additional Adventures will be added for purchase over time, and clever GMs can create homebrew content, ensuring endless adventures in this magical land.


Tales of Fablecraft features all the fun and excitement of your favorite pen and paper or virtual tabletop game, but without all the messy upkeep. Skill checks and dice rolls are simple and streamlined, and the game handles all the math in the backend so all you have to worry about is reveling in the sweet, sweet crits. The game also features an innovative and comprehensive GM Guide, empowering just about anyone to run a fun, successful adventure with minimal prep time. Finally, a tool that boosts the confidence of GMs!


Today’s PC launch is just the beginning, though. Later this year, Tales of Fablecraft will begin supporting Android and iOS tablets. We plan to add mobile device support in 2025, so get ready for even more ways to enjoy this magical adventure. 

About Riftweaver

Riftweaver is an independent game studio on a mission to make TTRPGs more accessible to all. Our first product, Tales of Fablecraft, is a virtual tabletop RPG designed to be easy to pick up and play with your friends, no matter your experience level.


Article by: Susan N.



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