ARVORE, the Pixel Ripped studio, presents: CLAWBALL

A VR Soccer Game with Cats...

and a Blowfish!

Chaotic 3v3 Fast-Paced Soccer Matches that Blend Competitive Spirit with Playful Feline Madness!

June 27, 2024 - ARVORE, the Emmy Award-winning Brazilian studio celebrated for its innovative work with VR games and storytelling, is announcing their exciting new project: Clawball, a VR multiplayer soccer game with cats (trailer, press kit, website). In this exhilarating party sport game directed by Ana Ribeiro, the creative mind behind the Pixel Ripped franchise, players will be able to play in fast-paced 3v3 soccer matches embodying cat personas to hit the ball with their paws (and claws) to score goals.

Clawball will be available on Meta Quest Applab for free this October 2024 to be played in early access, with the final release on the Quest Store planned for 2025. Additionally, early birds can play the game even sooner by joining the upcoming closed Beta available via ARVORE’s discord server (

In addition to its competitive gameplay, Clawball also offers rich social interaction, allowing players to enjoy a “playground” Lobby full of places to explore and meet fellow players. Customization is a core pillar in Clawball, as players are rewarded with a variety of cosmetics such as headgear, eyewear, and shirts to make their cat-persona truly unique. With new cosmetics being added to the game periodically, players can continuously find fresh ways to express themselves.

"I'm thrilled to present Clawball, ARVORE's first multiplayer VR game. Inspired by our love for chaotic multiplayer games and fueled by our Brazilian roots, Clawball blends competitive spirit with playful feline madness. It all started when our lead programmer, Joao Machado, noticed his movements resembling those of a cat while tinkering with the initial prototype. This sparked a burst of creative inspiration. The best part of developing this game has been our playtest sessions with the whole team, where it's hard to stop playing and get work done. Now, we're excited to finally share that joy with the world. Despite the challenges, creating Clawball has been a blast—we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do!" - Ana Ribeiro, Game Director.


Announcement Trailer:



ARVORE is an Emmy Award-winning Brazilian XR studio that creates and develops innovative games, interactive narratives and immersive worlds using the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. With acclaimed titles like The Line, YUKI, and the Pixel Ripped series—including “Pixel Ripped 1989,” “Pixel Ripped 1995,” and the latest gem “Pixel Ripped 1978”—the studio has earned prestigious accolades, including the 2020 Primetime Emmy Award, a Lion at the 76th Venice Film Festival, a DICE Award Nomination, and the 2023 Best VR/XR Game Award at the BIG Festival.

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Article by: Susan N.



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