Escape a ‘nightmare fuel’ planet of giant waves in the Eden Crafters free prologue, now available on Steam

France – June 24th, 2024. Osaris Games is thrilled to invite players to dive into Ocean World, the new free prologue of the upcoming factory survival game Eden Crafters, now available on Steam!


Ocean World is set on a water planet terrorized by giant waves triggered by a nearby moon. Rising miles high and coming at regular intervals, these towering tsunamis threaten to obliterate everything in their path — including the player. Will you survive, tame the ocean, and lay the foundation for humanity’s new home… Or will you be swept away by the relentless tide?


Ocean World: Eden Crafters offers an immersive preview of the game’s core mechanics, featuring base-building, survival, and voxel-based terramorphing. The full game is set to be released in 2024.

Developers have also published a new trailer to accompany the release of the prologue.

Download Ocean World: Eden Crafters free prologue:

Watch Official Release Trailer for Ocean World: Eden Crafters: 

Inspired by one of the most memorable scenes from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, Ocean World is just one of the planets available in the full release of Eden Crafters. Early impressions from fans of the factory survival genre have been positive, with some describing the Ocean World scenario as ‘nightmare fuel’ and praising the game for its immense potential.


Developed by the dedicated team at Osaris Games, Eden Crafters is a co-op, open-world factory survival game that challenges players to turn a barren planet into a haven for humanity. Eden Crafters features complex automation systems and expansive base-building capabilities, standing out with a voxel-based environment that’s ripe to be reshaped — and revitalized — by the player.


Each planet in Eden Crafters presents unique obstacles, from toxic lakes and radioactive terrains to massive tsunamis. As a designated Eden Crafter, the player must adapt and overcome each challenge using advanced automated systems, including resource-gathering conveyors, machine-driven factories, and environmental transformation tools.

While early impressions draw parallels with titles like Planet Crafter and Satisfactory, Osaris Games differentiates Eden Crafters by focusing on ecological restoration. Here, automation serves not to exploit but to restore and revitalize the ecosystem, setting the stage for Eden Crafters’ core philosophy: habitats should flourish long after the machines have done their part.

Key features

  • Craft and Automate. Begin with basic resource gathering and progress to full automation with elaborate conveyors and sophisticated factories. As you advance, technology evolves from simple tools to complex instruments capable of planetary-scale geoengineering.

  • Shape New Worlds. Carve out lakes, sculpt mountains, grow hills, and change the course of rivers. Voxel-based environments empower players to dramatically alter the terrain of each planet they set their foot on.

  • Explore Unique Planets. From treacherous landscapes and radioactive terrains to giant waves caused by a nearby moon, each planet offers its own challenges. These vast worlds provide extensive environments for players to rejuvenate… and if you’re not in the mood for danger, there are peaceful planets to explore, too.

  • Build a Biosphere. Modify the climate, purify toxic lakes, generate a breathable atmosphere, and bring clouds back to the sky. Survival is just the beginning: your mission is paradise.

  • Play Alone or With Friends. Venture alone or team up with other Crafters in online co-op multiplayer. Together or alone, forge a path toward a sustainable future.

Media & Influencer Quotes

“The promise of factory building on a voxel world warrants some attention.” – PC Gamer


“The Eden Crafters demo shows a game with a lot of potential, and it promises at the very least to be an interesting ride to see how much of that it can live up to.” – Hardcore Gamer


“I don’t get freaked out in video games often but man, having a wall of water that’s like miles high coming in from the ocean… Nightmare fuel. It hits me on an emotional level. [...] I’m really loving this game.” – Kage848


“What the heck, this is so cool, I love it already. This is epic.” – Z1 Gaming



About Osaris Games

Osaris Games, a creative indie studio based in France, is committed to developing immersive games that empower players to build new worlds. Eden Crafters is their flagship project, designed to blend survival, crafting, and automation with themes of sustainability and ecology. Previously, Osaris Games developed the city-building simulator Technicity, released in 2022.


Article by: Susan N.



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