Sands of Aura Arrives on PC on October 27th!

Dallas, TX - Oct. 10, 2023 - Sands of Aura, the unrelenting isometric action RPG from developer Chashu Entertainment and publisher Freedom Games, prepares to cast off the Early Access anchor and set sail for a grand 1.0 launch on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG on October 27th, 2023.

Set foot into the forsaken realm of Talamhel, where the soul-draining Night Plague has plunged the world into an endless sea of sand. Enlist in the valiant Order of Remnant Knights, the last protectors of humanity, to hunt down and destroy the emergent evil. Engage in gripping and unforgiving soulslike combat perfectly melded with a rich, captivating narrative that hooks one in at the first swing of a sword.

Master one of seven potential combat approaches and create a personalized playstyle through freely customizable loadouts of armor, weapons, magic, and consumables. Hoist the sails of the nimble Grainwake, and venture into a vast, unforgiving wasteland to fight through punishing boss battles, gain remarkable rewards, and make critical decisions that determine the destiny of a crumbling world. 

Amidst the turmoil, find solace in the tranquility of Starspire, a sanctuary within Talamhel, and bask in the hauntingly beautiful melodies composed by Eduardo Lopez.

“With version 1.0, we offer our players a journey filled with peaks and valleys, exploration, and demanding challenges. Talamhel, a world six years in the making, is both dark and desolate yet filled with trust, kindness, and resilience, a testament to those who call it home.” said Creative Director, Michael Shistik. “We want to thank the vocal community who has remained vigilant during our Early Access journey. Without them we would not be as proud of what Sands of Aura has become today. They have described Sands of Aura as a world infused with Tim Burton-esque art, the exploration of Wind Waker, and the demanding combat of Souls-like games. We hope we have met and exceeded those expectations.”

Sands of Aura will be launching into 1.0 on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG on October 27, 2023, for $24.99 USD.

For more information on Sands of Aura, please visit the official website, follow the game on social media, join the community on Discord, like the Facebook page, and search for #SandsOfAura on social media. 

About Chashu Entertainment

Chashu Entertainment is a small studio based in Dallas, Texas composed of passionate and self-critical individuals that always strive to improve the craft of game design. Sands of Aura is their sophomore project following their first release titled Deputy Dangle.

To learn more, visit the official Chashu Entertainment website.

About Freedom Games

Freedom Games is a publisher dedicated to offering best-in-class services to partners and providing players around the world with unique and memorable experiences. With over 50 years of combined industry experience at the executive level, Freedom Games seeks to leverage its expertise to facilitate great games and even better publishing experiences.


For more information, visit the official Freedom Games website.

Article by: Susan N.



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