Check Out Exciting News from Freedom Games for November!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Oct 26, 2023 – Publisher Freedom Games prepares for an adventure-filled November: Coromon, the beloved modern monster-taming RPG from developer TRAGsoft, releases on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play November 8. 9 Years of Shadows, the resplendent pixel art Metroidvania from developer Halberd Studiosilluminates on Nintendo Switch on November 9.

Coromon offers everything expected from a full-fledged monster-taming JRPG with a big focus on fan favorite features! Embark on a brand new galactic narrative, while befriending more than 120 different species of Coromon. Discover everything about their Traits, Skills, strengths and weaknesses to prepare for titanic multiphase boss battles throughout this grand adventure.

Explore the diverse biomes of the Velua region, full of hidden secrets, a variety of side quests, and challenging puzzles. Customize each adventure with a built-in randomizer mode and varying difficulty settings, or test wits and skill in the endless Battle Dome challenge. Take the journey anywhere with Cross-Save functionally, and battle real-life trainers globally with crossplay multiplayer.

In 9 Years of Shadows, navigate the labyrinthian Castle Talos as Europa, a young warrior determined to bring color back to a world plagued with gray hues. Alongside her mysterious (and adorable) newfound companion Apino, map the mechanical citadel to locate the source of the land’s corruption and destroy it to call forth vibrant chroma once again.

Discover and master ancient elemental armor with special abilities that allow passage through the castle’s diverse chambers, and grant powers to defeat massive bosses. Overcome the most fearsome enemies to a soothing soundtrack composed by legendary melodists Michiru Yamane (Castlevania series) and Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid series) for a dazzling experience for the eyes and ears alike.

“We’re so proud to work with the TRAGsoft and Halberd Studios teams and see Coromon and 9 Years of Shadows continue to shine on new platforms.” said Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing, Freedom Games. “This is a wonderful opportunity for gamers on mobile and Nintendo Switch to engross themselves in brand-new, fantastical worlds.”

After a successful launch on PC & Nintendo Switch, Coromon will be available on Wednesday, November 8 on the App Store and Google Play as a “try-before-you-buy” title including a $4.99 USD in-game purchase to access the full game, with support for 21 languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Tagalog, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

9 Years of Shadows will be available on Thursday, November 9 on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD with English and Spanish language support. 

To learn more about Coromon, visit the official website, join fellow trainers on the official Discord server, follow @CoromonTheGame, and search #Coromon on social media.

To learn more about 9 Years of Shadows, visit the official website, join fellow warriors on the official Discord server, follow @HALBERDSTUDIOS, and search #9YearsofShadows on social media.

About TRAGsoft

TRAGsoft is an independent game studio founded in 2016 by Two Ridiculously Ambitious Guys, Jochem Pouwels and Marcel van der Made. Based in Zevenaar, Netherlands, the developer is passionately devoted to releasing its debut project Coromon to critical acclaim in 2022 selling more than 75,000 copies in its first month. 

For more information, check out the official Coromon website.

About Halberd Studios

Halberd Studios is a Mexico-based development team that emphasizes the power of the narrative in games. Starting out as a freelancing firm assisting other studios with things like asset production, animation, concept development, and more, 9 Years of Shadows is their first in-house project, followed by their upcoming Metroidvania Mariachi Legends.

For more information, check out the official 9 Years of Shadows website.

About Freedom Games

Freedom Games is a publisher dedicated to offering best-in-class services to partners and providing players around the world with unique and memorable experiences. With over 50 years of combined industry experience at the executive level, Freedom! Games seeks to leverage its expertise to facilitate great games and even better publishing experiences.


To learn more, visit the official Freedom Games website.

Article by: Susan N.