Legacy of Persia Coming to Crusader Kings III Next Month

Win the Struggle for Persia in Upcoming Flavor Pack

STOCKHOLM - 11 October 2023 - The tottering Abbasid Caliphate struggles to maintain its grip on the eastern core of its empire. Disputed successions, cultural disharmony and poor circumstances conspire to undermine one of the great realms of the Middle Ages. Navigate the challenging world of Medieval Iran in Crusader Kings III: Legacy of Persia, coming on November 9.

Inspired by the historical Anarchy of Samarra, Legacy of Persia uses the Struggle System to provide a new setting and new rulesets for the Iranian Intermezzo - a conflict that tests personal, cultural and religious loyalties. Establish your own new dynasty in this cradle of empires - ending Arab domination over Persia, or steer the Caliphate through the crisis, strengthening the power of Baghdad.  

Features of Crusader Kings III: Legacy of Persia include:
  • The Iranian Intermezzo: The Abbasid Caliphate is on the decline, and strong-willed Iranian rulers are set upon independence and a new future for the region. Will you forge a new Empire, subjugate the faltering Caliphate for your own benefit, or see a resurgent Caliphate bring order to the region?
  • More Historical Flavor: New decisions, interactions and buildings for rulers in the Persian region, as well as special content highlighting the importance of clan leadership and protecting the frontier regions.
  • Changes to Iranian Cultures: New Iranian traditions include innovative Court Scholars, unique Men-at-Arms, and powerful new buildings to bring riches out of barren lands.
  • New Art and Music: Persian characters get new clothing, Persian buildings get a redesign and the UI can take on a more Iranian appearance in this Flavor Pack. There are also 8 new music tracks, some cued to events and some to set the mood.
Crusader Kings III: Legacy of Persia will be available on 09 November, 2023. It is the final piece of the Crusader Kings III Chapter II Pass, which also includes the Tours & Tournaments expansion and the Wards & Wardens event pack. Chapter II provides a 27% discount compared to buying each item separately.

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