Fox N' Forests - Switch Review

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the world of 16-bit. It's been a long time since I last played a game like Fox N Forests, and I have to say that I'm speechless. This game ended up being a tasty treat that I thought would have ended up bitter.

The Fox N Forests is a 2D, 16-bit style action platformer that throws in a side of adventure and puzzle solving for extra flavor. Through a Kickstarter that was funded back in 2016, Bonus Level Entertainment were successful in launching their project into reality. You play as our mischievous hero, Rick the fox, who was strolling along looking for his next meal when he gets roped into helping old grandpa Oaks, who has lost his strength due to thieving scoundrels. You are gifted with a magical crossbow that has the ability to change the season with the power of mana. Though this power is limited it will help you track down the missing magical bark that will give grand-papi, Lord of Trees, his mojo back. Alongside with your partridge sidekick, Patty, you venture off into the seasons.

You are given a world map that displays the surrounding area. With each level you encounter you'll notice a list of items that can be found throughout the level. Your main goal is to reach the end of the stage, but also keep a lookout for seedlings, they will be important to progressing the story. You'll also find other items that will either help raise your attack power or give you a larger mana bar. There are two generic area levels, a boss level and a bonus level in each season, but to reach the bonus level you must find every seedling in that area.

Defeating a boss in that seasonal area will get you the magic bark, that you can offer to the Tree of Life for a reward. Each season that you complete will reward you a set of magic arrows. With these you can return to visited location and further your search for items that you may have missed. These items can only become accessible with the proper power-up.

Remember those seedlings I told you to keep on eye on? Well they will come into play once you defeat bosses. Unfortunately defeating the area boss won't grant you access to the next season. You must have collect the required amount of seedlings and offer them up to the mini treelings in town in order to progress the story. So backtracking will be necessary, but don't worry, you've been given new magical arrow for just such an occasion.

The music is also dully noted. It's definitely what you'd expect to hear in a 16-bit game, but not entirely forgetful. I always seem to find myself tapping my foot in time with the catchy chip-tunes that play throughout the levels.

All in all, The Fox N Forest game was an excellent retro platformer. Especially if you are the type of person who like to go out of their way to be a collector. This game does give you the choice to play from easy, normal or hard, which could definitely give those who like a challenge a run for their money. I'm giving this game 9.5, a must play if your ever looking for fun time.    

Game Information

Nintendo Switch
Bonus Level Entertainment
Independent Arts Software
EuroVideo Medien 
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Sony PlayStation 4

Provided by Publisher

Article by Natasha


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