The classics never get old! Hellbound in Early Access receives update - News

I have a lot of found memories of my father but some of the older ones, and best ones, are the time that Mom found out that he let me play Doom 2 on the "family computer". She was, needless to say, pissed. So after uninstalling it before her and her walking away, Dad taught me how to install from a three and a half inch floppy and the most it cost me was about a half hour getting back to where I was.

Hellbound makes me think of just that. Old schooled nostalgia done right. Will you bound into hell? You can be sure that we will!


Hellbound, the ridiculously violent '90s-inspired FPS from developer Saibot Studios ripping to PC in 2019, unleashes an intense new update for its Early Access Survival Mode today via Steam.

Get fired up with the new "Enemy Rage" feature and watch as enemies become bigger, stronger, and faster in later stages of the game. The update also introduces various fixes and optimizations based on feedback by the Steam community.

Article by Pierre-Yves


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