Diablo 3 - beaten, 50k hits on the site - solid week

What have I been up to?  What have you been up to?  Usually I post these on Mondays, but I had a couple of reasons for waiting just a bit longer, and for two reasons.  First up, I beat Diablo III finally.  I know, I know - everyone and their mom who has played beat it in like three days.  My son beat it in less than three days.  So what took me so long? 

Well, for one - I haven't been playing on my computer nearly as much of late, and when I did?  I was tackling some other games that I was trying to get out for review like Game of Thrones and Orcs Must Die! 2.  I have also been sinking a lot of time into playing Magic: The Gathering (both in digital and card form) with my son and friends. 

It seems like the majority of my games lately have been console ones as well.  I'm currently playing a handful of games such as White Knight Chronicles 2, some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and a few other lighter titles like Pure Chess and Elemental Monsters HD.

That said?  I did enjoy Diablo III quite a bit, and will try to get the review up shortly.  It was a game that was fun when I played it, but just did not seem to call out to me when I was busy with other things.  However, as soon as I beat the game, I began plugging away at the next level of difficulty.  It will be interesting to see if it holds my attention for long as I go through the exact same content a second time.

I also got an iPhone recently.  My old phone was a Samsung Mythic, and boy I can't say enough bad things about it.  I'll stick to my Samsung TV's, but the phones I won't go near again any time soon as that last one I had was a disaster.  I am enjoying my iPhone quite a bit so far though, and while we already had a couple of iPads floating around the house, I did not play them nearly as much as my wife and kids.  I did not find them as convenient to carry around as a phone, so I never had one with me on the go.  When I am at home, I'd rather be playing a console.  But the iPhone has several games on it now that I'm taking a poke at while I'm out and about during the day, so I may be slipping some more game reviews onto the site for that platform soon.

I have been keeping busy with some creativity in my spare time as well.  I've been poking around RPG Maker VX Ace some more.  I'll likely never finish a product, but some afternoons I just feel like doing something 'different', and that fits my needs when I'm not doing other things (like reading, writing, blogging, helping my son get his blog up, or working on my MUD with my wife).  Also - a quick 'thank you' to those who have followed my son's blog (quick plug here).  He seems to be enjoying it so far. :)

And then last but not least, I realize that it's not as much traffic as some of my fellow bloggers see (SuperPhillip Central sees this in a month, and deservedly so) - but Chalgyr's Game Room finally broke 50,000 page hits.  With followers up over 60, and daily readership of about 300, this is a far cry from what I was seeing even a year ago when I was sitting around 50 views a day.  I really appreciate all of the followers here, on Twitter and on Facebook and hope to keep giving you all a good reason to come back and read.  Thanks again!

- Nick


  1. "I have also been sinking a lot of time into playing Magic: The Gathering (both in digital and card form) with my son and friends."

    I might be providing some coverage, that pertains to the Magic series later next month; not sure yet.

    "First up, I beat Diablo III finally."
    One less "incomplete" game. Sounds like you need to buy a few more to replace it?

    As for the phone, congrats on the new one; BUT I'm using a Samsung myself. I call it my "semi-smart" phone. Not sure what model now, but it's not the Mythic.
    As for RPG Maker VX Ace, is that one of the programs that if you make a game, you can "sell" it yourself, or is it just all within the program and not really outside licensing?

    "...but Chalgyr's Game Room finally broke 50,000 page hits."
    Congrats on the site traffic growth, and let me know if you can figure out how to get $1 for every page hit. :)

  2. Hey there, thanks for dropping in!

    Now I'm curious what might come of the Magic coverage. As for needing new games to replace Diablo? got plenty of those. I need to beat White Knight Chronicles soon...

    LOL - I've used the same term for my not-quite-smart-phones in the past too. Basically the Mythic drove me nuts for a few reasons. a) the vibrate function was pretty meek so I missed calls. b) something went wonky with its reception. My wife and I had the same service, but I was always dropping in the same spots of the house she had reception. c) the touch screen went to hell over the last few months, sometimes just randomly no longer responding to touches and d) the web browser was java based, super slow, and often errored on web pages.

    RPG Maker VX Ace - you can sell the games or just use it to distribute. Trick for selling games though is other than the default resources, you have to make sure you come up with your own/permitted resources. That's always the challenge with those makers. I feel like I can write a decent story and edit up the code the way I want, but I don't create my own music and sprites. ;P Not that I'm looking to sell those games. I'd be happy if I simply finished one.

    Thanks! Just think, if I could get $1 for each hit... well ya'll wouldn't be seeing me on here nearly as much. I'd be busy sorting all those new Magic cards and playing those new games! :)

  3. Congratz on the 50,000! That is amazing! I hope one day my blog will hit that too :)

  4. Thanks Daisy! Muchly appreciated. :) And I'm sure it will - just keep posting your great content!


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