Chaltire's Mediocre Blog - huh, say what?

So, I mentioned earlier this summer that my son would be starting up his own gaming blog.  Well, it finally happened.  He's been poking around several of the other sites on here of late such as Coffee With Games, Digitally Downloaded and Gamesoup as he slowly dipped his toes into things.  Now, he has Chaltire's Mediocre Blog.

So, what's with the name?  I have no idea - that was all him.  Maybe he's channeling his mom with her rather blunt naming conventions (her site is Because You're a Moron - warning, not at all game related and is sometimes meant to rub people the wrong way). 

However, his purpose is a bit more akin to mine as he plans to post about his own gaming experiences.  He's used the moniker Chaltire for some time now, having 'borrowed' Chalgyr on several occasions when he was younger, but deciding he wanted a similar name, but his own. 

What he plays tends to be pretty different than what I play.  He's big into FPSs, logging lots of time with the CoD titles, he just started playing the latest Blacklight game and has sunk lots of hours into titles like Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor and Borderlands.  He also plays more indie games than I do, and games with a more multiplayer flavor than I do (Minecraft, Terraria, etc).

So why is he starting up this blog?  Well, it was largely due to me prodding him.  I wanted him to have an excuse to write over the summer and improve on that front, while also learning multimedia technology using screen capture and editing software while learning the basics of blogging and HTML. 

Right now, he's hosting a contest. He got a RaiderZ beta key (well, he actually got a few) and is giving one away.  Similar to my old contest where you got an entry for commenting on his post here, and you can get another for following his blog and last but not least, an entry for following him on Twitter as well.

I would really appreciate it if readers here took the time to give the kiddo a bit of a following on his blog and some extra motivation to stick with it since he seems genuinely interested in it for now.  And hey, just in case I didn't like it enough, you can find his blog here at Chaltire's Mediocre Blog.


  1. Wow, all the games you mentioned that you son plays are all the games my brother plays haha! Will definitely follow up on his blog.

  2. I left him a comment. Oh, on Xbox Live, I'm EnygmaMW and tried adding you to no avail. Figured you didn't know who I was. Enygma = old name I wrestled under for years, MW = initials =D

  3. I do believe I have you added now to my Xbox Live account - thanks for the add!


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