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Slightly different title than what I usually go with, but there is a reason for that.  Otaku Gaming will be merging over to Digitally Downloaded going forward.  So, this will probably be my last post where I am linking to articles directly at Otaku Gaming.  So what will change?  Hopefully my articles will get even more readers, but... that's about it.

I will continue to post the same kinds of stories over on Digitally Downloaded, including some additional ones now as well.  I fully plan to keep posting here on Chalgyr's Game Room as well, so feel free to visit my articles on both sites until you are completely sick of me (it likely won't take long).

So, to start things off - I have guest written reviews on Digitally Downloaded in the past, but I got to self-post my first review for them, and the game was an excellent one to be sure.  Orcs Must Die! 2.  I will be getting a review up over here as well, but if you are really curious to see what I thought of the game, feel free to read this review in the meantime.

So back at Otaku Gaming...

I shared the announcement that Star Burial Dragnir released.

I tossed out some newer Dead or Alive 5 screenshots.

There are a ton of screenshots for Final Fantasy III as well.

There are some screenshots and some information about Fantasy Life.

No doubt Resident Evil 6 will be a big release, so here are some screens and a trailer for it.

I posted a scan for Dragon Quest X.

There was lots of cool stuff for One Piece: Romance Dawn - images, information and a trailer.

I posted a scan for Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm 3 as well.

I am super excited to play Persona 4 Arena, and here are some more screenies for it.

And last, but not least - the final post I have on Otaku Gaming was an alternate review (seeing as I did one here as well) for Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Storm 2.

Rest assured however, I will continue to post similar articles on Digitally Downloaded.  For example, this one on Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and its DLC.

As always, I appreciate you reading.  Would there be any interest in me making posts every week or two pointing out the articles I'm writing over at Digitally Downloaded, or will you just head that way on your own anyway?  Take care!


  1. "Otaku Gamingwill be merging over to Digitally Downloaded going forward." Oh really...NEWS LEAK! *contacts The Wall Street Journal about mergerI usually make the rounds over to DD, but just occasionally to OG, so the merging of the two will probably benefit DD the most.

  2. Yeah, we're really hoping that it just helps consolidate traffic - and what I'm excited about is DD definitely has more traffic than OG or Chalgyr's Game Room, so it gives me a chance to get some more eyes on the articles I write. :)


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