Gaming thoughts - 11/24/11 - Thanksgiving....

First off, happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I know not everyone celebrates it, and those that do celebrate it differently, but this is probably my favorite holiday of the year. We stay home, I cook loads of food, I watch the Lions play (and usually lose, but they are certainly getting better) and I get a handful of days off of work, which is always a plus.

Likely I'll be doing lots of shopping tonight/tomorrow - my wife loves Black Friday. I hate shopping. H-A-T-E it. 99% of the time, I know what I am going to grab at a store before going in, and I'm done 5 minutes later. Or I just order it online. My wife? Not so much. She likes to browse. And then look over her browsings. And sometimes deliberate on those browsings she has looked over. When she first started going to Black Friday deals, she went with her aunt. Now? Now I go. But it's hard to argue with the value. There's some pretty good deals out there too, especially for gamers.

We're pretty... well, set on consoles. The only thing I'd consider is a 3DS at this point. And sure, I'd like another big shiny TV at a ridiculously low price, but I'll probably pass for now. I may investigate 3D tv's come spring though when I get my tax returns - anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with those yet?

Moving on - game deals. So, I have one kid who wants Bioshocks 1 & 2 - and I know that Walmart has part 2 for $10 on Black Friday. There's also Epic Mickey for $15. Walmart also has Battlefield 3, Infamous 2 and Batman Arkham City for $26. Mejier has NBA 2k12 for $30. So... I have some options. What about the rest of you?

Doing anything special for the holiday? Going to battle insane crowds for any shopping deals? Aware of any other great deals gamers in particular might be interested in? (If I go 3DS, I am totally looking at that Zelda packaged one for $200).


  1. We just got finished eating an awesome meal prepared by Mrs. Coffee, about an hour ago. I was banned from cooking about 5 years ago, when I experimented with a recipe...BUT it was 100% coffee related!

    "I watch the Lions play (and usually lose...)"
    Yea, tough team to go up against today, hopefully you aren't weeping as you read this. :) (Thank you Aaron Rodgers for another solid fantasy performance!)

    "I hate shopping. H-A-T-E it. 99% of the time, I know what I am going to grab at a store before going in, and I'm done 5 minutes later."
    This! I don't like spending time looking, and not deciding on something. I would rather research, go to the store, buy it and leave ASAP.

    "And sure, I'd like another big shiny TV at a ridiculously low price, but I'll probably pass for now."
    You know what would be awesome!? A TV giveaway! *makes coffee and anxiously awaits hearing Chalgyr has purchased a brand new television, and will be giving his other one away

    "I have some options. What about the rest of you?"
    I have no options, because I don't want to FAIL my resolution, but I see how you and your continued mentioning of video game sales is just an attempt to make me fail...IT WON'T HAPPEN!

    As for tomorrow though, I'll be working...and NOT LOOKING FORWARD to it. Yesterday was an absolute MAD HOUSE. Nearly back-to-back cars for nearly 4 straight hours, and our restaurant is a double drive-thru! We are located DIRECTLY behind a Super Target, and Sam's Club shopping center. Toys R'Us is on the same sidestreet, and then a Super K-Mart is across the street.

    I can only imagine the nightmare of traffic, and the amount of people wanting chicken for lunch...............

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you mr Chalgyr!

  3. Happy Turkey!!

    You're not fooling anyone with that 3DS talk, we know you're just waiting until Feb for the Vita.

    I had been eyeing those two bundles and if I wasn't having so much fun with it (and have been) I might half-kick myself. Money-wise I think it only really makes sense to get the Super Mario 3D Land red bundle as it's effectively $10 off a new mario game. (as you can get OOT for $29 on amazon at times) Though the Zelda bundle does sound cooler just for nostalgia.

    Will be doing things around the house, maybe a little online shopping and generally preparing for baby #2 on Monday.

  4. Oh and @Coffee, hang in there. We'll be thinking about you. For good measure I'll avoid CFA here too.

  5. @Robert:
    Talk about being TOTALLY surprised today at work...IT WAS DEAD!
    Apparently because the stores opened last night at midnight, the shoppers must have either been:
    1) Already home for the day
    2) In the hospital recovering from attacks
    3) Looking for their stolen tvs from their vehicles
    4) Didn't go shopping at all, and stayed home and ate leftovers

  6. I stand corrected on the bundles as they are $179 at best buy. Pretty good deal to shave $20-$30 off a game, but not enough to induce regret.

    @Coffee: That's bizarre, but good to hear. Maybe they were all in jail from fighting over deals. :)

  7. @ coffee - ROFL@ the coffee-related experiment. I want to hear what happened there.

    Fantasy football player huh? Me too. 3 leagues. Doing good in them, but ironically I lost to Rodgers both irl w/ the Lions and in 1 of my fantasy leagues this week. :P

    As for the TV giveaway? erm... maybe next year. Yeah... that's it...

    Glad to hear you survived work - and the staying home with leftovers sounds like a good deal. I was not so lucky...

    @Robert - Vita it will be, but the Zelda 3ds did look very cool. :) Glad to hear no regret, as well there shouldn't be. Sounds like you're having a great time with it still.

    Thanks for the comments!


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