Game Deals for 11/23/11

Two sets of game deals right now are out there.

Amazon has downloaded games for 50% off or more here. For me, the new Might and Magic: Heroes title caught my eye.

And on the Steam front, they're kicking off their Autumn sale now and continuing to do new deals over the weekend. Some titles like Portal 2 are $10.

Both are probably worth a look if you're interested in downloadable titles for your PC.


  1. Yesterday I purchased nintendogs + cats from Best Buy for $9.99 with free shipping. Great deal.

  2. Oh, that is a good grab. My daughters love Nintendogs - don't believe they've played cats yet. Was it just a 1 day deal?

  3. ugh, must resist steam sale. P2 for $10 is really good.

  4. You! and this other site by the guy above me, are really trying to get someone to break a New Year's resolution.

    It's okay though, I've got a post incoming on sales also...HOLD STRONG I WILL! Refuse I must!

  5. ROFL - amazingly, I bought... nothing! I have fully accepted the fact I have entirely too many games currently on my backlog, and need to beat a few before Christmas gets here. :P


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