Gaming Thoughts... 11/15/11 - Quick Poll

Not much to post here, just randomly adding a new poll - but what kind of game genre is your favorite:

- Action/platforming
- Simulation
- Strategy
- Sports
- First-person shooter
- Puzzle
- Fighter
- Other (maybe list in the comments)


  1. It's a tough one for me - depending on my mood, it's strategy or RPG.

    Interestingly enough, the RPG genre had its roots in strategy gaming anyway, so my attraction to both is unsurprising, I guess :-)

  2. First off -sorry, the poll didn't get posted until this morning. My internet fritzed out last night so I only got the post up, but couldn't seem to stay connected long enough to put up the poll, but it's up now.

    @Games - I feel pretty much the same way, but I did give the slight not to RPG. It's close, but I find that the strategy games I like best are the ones that add RPG elements like persistent characters, leveling, good storylines, etc.

  3. Yeah, I lean very slightly towards RPGs too - and more western RPGs (I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was 6) than JRPGs.

    I like strategy games best when they're unit based, and play like tabletop games - so Warhammer, GMT Games games and the like. I am not a fan of RTS as a rule, as they're too fast paced to be genuinely strategic (R.U.S.E being a very slow paced, but strategic, exception)

  4. *wonders where the "All of the above" is.

    It really does depend on my mood, but I would say the FPS genre is one I lean towards a lot.

  5. @Games r.u.s.e. is a title I'm interested in getting eventually.

    @coffee - lol - Yeah, I play pretty much everything, but RPG's are my comfort games. I just settle in and dig deep into them. The FPS as an answer doesn't completely surprise me though.

    Thanks for checking in!

  6. I'm with Coffee, it's difficult to just pick one. As much as I can appreciate some games or genre's I voted for action/platformer. Overall I just don't get into RPG's anymore or at least not on a regular basis. (or maybe I do with some of the classic VC games)

    FPS's are a pretty close second and maybe I'll do more with them in 2012. Puzzles may be 3rd and I'm not sure I get into the others much. (historical starcraft time excluded)


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