Become a Vampire Therapist and Help Battle Demons!

Berlin, Germany — March 14, 2024 | What does a therapist for the undead do? Do they live in a castle, cavort with hundreds of mortals or stare at mirrors hoping to see their reflection? Maybe on the weekends, yes — but 9-5, Monday to Friday they’re offering the undead a second chance at living, and Vampire Therapist’s brand new trailer offers a tantalising taste of what to expect.

In Vampire Therapist, players will discover the types of distortions that haunt both vampires and mortals. Taking on the role of Sam, a new devotee to vampire therapy, players will challenge their fellow undead to face up to their distorted versions of reality, and see if they can battle their demons and come out on the other side.

“We are dead, don’t we deserve to rest in peace?” asks Andromachos, a reformed warrior and assassin, and mentor to players on their therapy journey with the terminally blood-thirsty. 

All of the techniques shown throughout the game and in this trailer have been created with the help and support of licensed therapists, lending authenticity to the game and its overall message.

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Little Bat Games is an indie games studio funded in partnership with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Helmed by Cyrus Nemati, Little Bat Games aims to create titles with rich stories, engaging characters and innovative mechanics that will resonate with players long after they have finished playing. This is all underpinned by a dedication to sustainable studio practices.

    Article by: Susan N.


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