Astral Throne high fantasy SRPG roguelike coming April 4 to Steam!

Ontario, Canada – March 20, 2024. The team at Zero Sun Games is thrilled to invite all strategy and RPG fans to dive into the realm of Astral Throne with an all-new demo launching on Steam on April 4, 2024!

The upcoming demo will focus on Act I of Astral Throne, showcasing its unique blend of roguelike progression, turn-based battles, and epic fantasy narrative. The announcement is accompanied by a new trailer that offers a glimpse into the enigmatic universe of Astral Throne and the twist it puts on the familiar genre.

Watch the new Astral Throne trailer:

Dubbed ‘the roguelike Fire Emblem’, Astral Throne merges grid-based combat of classic SRPGs (Strategy Role-Playing Games) with the exhilarating randomness of roguelike adventures. Every playthrough offers a strategic challenge and peels back another layer of the game’s overarching narrative puzzle. Developers draw on the rich legacy of legendary titles like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, blending it with genre-defining roguelikes such as FTL and Slay the Spire to craft an experience that feels equally nostalgic and novel.

In Astral Throne, you step into the boots of a Hero on a journey through a mysterious island kingdom. Ever since the realm was struck by a falling star, it has been shrouded in mind-warping fog. The few explorers lured to the island’s mystery seldom survived. Those who did share fragmented visions of a cult that took over the royalty and embraced the worship of the Fallen Star.

Since its inception in 2022, Astral Throne has been generating excitement among RPG and strategy enthusiasts, drawing comparisons to titles such as Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Zero Sun Games also achieved praise at last year’s Indie Cup Canada festival, with the jury commending Astral Throne’s in-depth mechanics and handcrafted combat scenarios.

Once the demo is available on April 4, developers will invite the players to share their feedback on the game, helping Zero Sun Games shape Astral Throne into a true genre landmark. The Fallen Star awaits!

Key Features

  • Strategically Rich, Deceptively Simple. Engage in grid-based battles that evolve from straightforward confrontations into intricate strategic puzzles. Master the synergy between units, the arsenal at your disposal, and the abilities of each hero to secure your triumph.

  • A World That Never Stays the Same. Your choices lead to significantly different outcomes, shaped by random skills, characters, loot, and story events. True to its SRPG heritage, Astral Throne features permadeath for every unit, adding weight to every decision and battle.

  • Handcrafted Tactical Encounters. Developers meticulously designed every battle scenario to present a distinct strategic challenge. Though the path you take through the island is random, no two encounters ever feel the same.

  • A Puzzle-Like Narrative. Each playthrough is an individual ‘what if’ scenario that shakes up character relationships and narrative arcs, revealing pieces of a grand, overarching mystery you have to solve through replay and exploration.

  • A Realm of High Fantasy. Step into the world of a fallen kingdom veiled in Stardust Fog, a land of lost memories and faded glory. Accompanied by a stirring orchestral soundtrack, Astral Throne invites players on an epic, emotional journey.


About Zero Sun Games

Zero Sun Games is a video game development studio based in Ontario, Canada. Co-founded by a group of talented and passionate friends, the studio is focused on creating a diverse range of games in various genres for a wide audience of gamers.


Article by: Susan N.



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