Move Over, TMNT, The Time Of The Ultra Mega Cats Has Arrived!

A Major Co-Op Roguelike Shooter Ex-purr-ience Launches This Summer

[Warsaw, Poland - March 6th, 2024] Fans of 90’s Saturday morning cartoons take heed! Imagine if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Biker Mice from Mars had a feline makeover and decided to embark on an epic, rogue-like adventure. That’s precisely the kind of radical ride you’re in for with Ultra Mega Cats, the latest roguelike multiplayer shooter from Fallen Leaf. Set to pounce onto Steam in summer 2024, this game is all about clawing and shooting your way through hordes of enemies in chaotic combat with a purr-pose. After all, who doesn’t love cats in mechs?

Dive whisker-first into Ultra Mega Cats and join the feline frenzy as you take on the role of the Mega Cats. These aren’t your average kitties; they’re on a mission to free the three Ancient feline gods from the clutches of corporate prisons. With Kagero’s ninja stealth and BBkat’s tank-like resilience, you’ll navigate through a labyrinth of randomly generated rooms, each more challenging than the last. And that’s just the beginning – more characters are set to join the fray, each bringing their own unique flair and abilities to the table.

But Ultra Mega Cats isn’t just about flexing those claws and pouncing on enemies. No, sir! It’s a story-rich journey that delves deep into the personalities and tales of each Mega Cat, setting it apart from other roguelikes. This game has heart, soul, and plenty of cat-itude, offering players not just a game, but a fun and chaotic experience where every playthrough is a step closer to restoring cat-topia.

Fear not, for you won’t have to face the dangers alone! Ultra Mega Cats is all about sharing the thrill with your pals, featuring two-player co-op play at Early Access launch, with plans to expand to four by full release. Imagine tearing through enemies with your fur-ever friends by your side, each of you complementing the other’s strengths and weaknesses. Together, you'll work like a well-oiled machine – or should we say, a well-groomed clowder of cats – on your quest to topple the rodent, reptile, and wolf adversaries standing in your way.


Key Features:

  • Five cat-tastic characters: Choose from five different ultra cats (two at Early Access launch) with different playstyles and personalities. Each cat has 50 different M.O.D.S that can be unlocked, offering more variety.

  • Friends fur-ever: Streamlined, arena-based co-op PvE combat. For two players in Early Access with up to 4 players co-op planned.

  • Paw-crafted combat arenas: Each arena is arranged into ever-changing biomes through level generation. Thanks to different Coalitions (each consisting of different Aspects), all playthroughs are different.

  • It’s purrdy: The game’s stunning, vibrant art style packs as much punch as your cat hero will, ka-pow!

  • Create a claw-some cat haven: Work together to free the three Ancient Cats from their enslavement and create a new cattopia for felines everywhere.

Get ready to mark your calendars and wishlist Ultra Mega Cats on Steam for a 2024 Early Access release that promises to be nothing short of a feline frenzy. With its vibrant art, dynamic gameplay, and a whole litter of characters to choose from, this game is set to be the cat’s meow of the gaming world. Stay up to date by following Ultra Mega Cats on Twitter and Facebook.

About Unseen Silence

Unseen Silence is an independent Warsaw-based Polish studio founded in 2020 with the aim to deliver games that a lot of people can enjoy. Unseen Silence is currently developing Ultra Mega Cats and Terror: Endless Night to be released in 2024 while working on two more unannounced projects.

About Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf is an independent Polish studio that aims to deliver games that combine great visuals with outstanding stories. Fallen Leaf’s first game – science fiction narrative thriller Fort Solis – was released in 2023. Alongside Ultra Mega Cats, Fallen Leaf is working on a new immersive game.

About Black Drakkar Games

Black Drakkar Games is a Polish studio founded by industry veterans. The team co-develops various game projects, including Ultra Mega Cats and an unannounced sci-fi project. The company's portfolio includes the co-development of Fort Solis, which is available on PC and PlayStation 5. 


Article by: Susan N.



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