See Card-en-Ciel During PAX East This Weekend by INTI Creates!

March 20th 2024, INTI CREATES has announced a new project, “Card-en-Ciel,“ to be shown at this week’s PAX East expo in Boston, Massachusetts March 21st through 24th. 

Card-en-Ciel stars Neon, a gaming detective, as he collects and battles with over 300 cards on a deck-building RPG adventure.

Players will adventure through over 10 different dungeons, earning character cards to strengthen their deck and unlock new techniques to use in ever-expanding roguelite card battles.

Special “Muse Cards” add another layer to the card battles, activating powerful abilities with their songs during battle, with 50 vocal tracks included in-game. 

Together with the Muses' song abilities, players will use hidden card "glitches" and even enemies' attacks against them to perform satisfying, full power combos with their unique decks.

Look for more information about Neon’s battles through the eras of gaming coming soon!

A card-battling RPG through the eras of gaming!

Characters from other game universes are showing up in a work in progress! Can the detective Neon find the source?

Card-en-Ciel is a deck-building roguelike featuring over 300 unique cards and 50 vocal songs.

Each card features a character from a game within the Card-en-Ciel universe, waiting to be collected and brought back from the game’s dungeons. You’ll need all the help you can get when the virtual world enters “all out war!”

With each victory, you’ll select a card to add to your deck to power it up and create new combos.
Each card can be played, used to move during battle, or for a Special Skill, allowing you to make the most of each draw from your deck within Card-en-Ciel’s deep combat system!

Famous characters are invading an in-development game?!

Muse Cards add another layer to combat. Meet their conditions during battle, and they’ll sing a unique song that activates a special ability, unlocking new strategies and combos for the rest of your deck! 
Use these powerful song abilities, hidden card "glitches", and even your enemies' attacks against them to perform satisfying, full power combos!

Colorful characters you meet in the dungeons, dungeon bosses, and the “imaginary” games they come from all play a part in Card-en-Ciel’s story. Collect each game’s heroes and heroines to win the “all-out war!”

See it all in action in Card-en-Ciel’s project kickoff trailer!

Glitch your way to victory!

Product Information

Title: Card-en-Ciel
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam (PC) 
Genre: Card-battling RPG
Rating: Pending
Players: 1-2
Release Date: TBA
Price: TBA

Article by: Susan N.


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