Foundry is launching in Early Access on May 2nd

Players will be able to experience the 3D voxel-based factory builder soon

Stockholm and Vancouver, March 20 - Today, Paradox Interactive and Channel 3 Entertainment are thrilled to announce that Foundry will be launching in Early Access on Steam on May 2nd. Foundry, the procedurally-generated voxel factory-building and automation sandbox, already garnered 100,000 players during its alpha phase on and its demo on Steam Next Fest in October 2023.

Foundry is a first-person, factory-building and automation sandbox set in a beautiful, procedurally-generated voxel world. Starting from humble beginnings of manually mining and processing resources, crafting machinery, and developing technologies, players can advance to automating the entire production line to their precise plans. They will face different logistic challenges such as planning pipe and belt networks and managing complex power systems, working to expand their constantly growing production lines as they create their own gigantic, automated, and self-sustaining factory. Played solo or with friends, Foundry is the perfect mix between grid-based construction games and factory building simulations.

About Channel 3 Entertainment

Channel 3 Entertainment is a new studio built by Patrik Meder, the original creator of Foundry and industry veterans Mark Laprairie and Johann Seidenz. Their previous experiences include critically and publicly acclaimed Oxygen Not Included and Don’t Starve Together. They are currently working on the development of Foundry.

About Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive is one of the premier developers and publishers of strategy and management games for PC and consoles. The players are located all over the world but some of the biggest markets are North America, Western Europe and Asia.

The game portfolio consists of popular franchises such as Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect, the Surviving games, Age of Wonders and Victoria. Paradox Interactive also owns the World of Darkness brand catalog.

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