Watch the trailer for ABYSS X ZERO!

From the developer team Studio Pixel Punk whose game Unsighted hit the Steam store in September of 2021 is creating a new metroidvania called ABYSS X ZERO!

Head on over to Steam to wishlist the game!

About Studio Pixel Punk

Studio Pixel Punk is @TianiPixel and @ironfairy42


About the Game

From the Steam page:  

ABYSS X ZERO is a stylish 3D Metroidvania, with expressive low poly visuals made by the two person indie team Studio Pixel Punk, that also brough you the award-winning indie hit UNSIGHTED. Explore an expansive world with carefully-crafted dungeons and stylish combat. Take control of two different characters, fated to battle each other: Codename A and Codename Z, both legendary heroes with unique abilities that change how you fight and interact with the environment.


Article by: Valerie



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