Kalypso Media advocates for visibility of Women

Kalypso provides tips in celebration of International Women's Day

Bracknell, UK, March 8th – Kalypso Media is eager to embrace International Women’s Day to help spotlighting the importance of equality and gender justice by advancing the visibility of women in our industry. We therefore want to break down barriers and encourage women to find their way into the lively, exciting, and diverse working environment.

We've approached four bullet-proof members of the Kalypso HQ team to share their advice for women considering entering the industry:

(from left to right: Dr. Bettina Albert, Nadine Wolf, Dr. Anika Thun, Jeanette Motzek, Carina Wolff)

“I have found fulfillment in the gaming industry and can only encourage you to pursue your passion for gaming and consider a career in this dynamic field. The industry offers endless opportunities for creativity, innovation and growth, and your unique talents can greatly help shape the future. As a woman at the top of the company and as a mentor, I would like to advise you to build a personal network early on and take advantage of mentoring opportunities. Look out for role models and start asking questions – mentoring programs are a good opportunity to learn from other women and network, but you won’t necessarily need an institutionalized framework to kickstart your career. Read, connect, engage & stay curious!”
Dr. Anika Thun, Managing Director of Kalypso Media Group

“Art doesn’t care for gender – and everyone is welcome in our team. Make sure to have a solid toolset ready at your fingertips – creativity is core, but doing artworks for a company is a craft you need to master. Experiment with different software tools, study the latest trends and design techniques, and most importantly, don't be afraid to push the boundaries of your creativity.”
Carina Wolff, Head of Graphics
Break the ‘likeability’ bias. That doesn’t mean you should stop being nice to people, but pursuing your goals might require you to use traits some people still view as ‘male’.  If you don’t feel like smiling on that picture, don’t. However, if you feel like wearing that pink dress, wear it. Don’t try to be what you feel is expected. Be whoever you are. Be authentic, follow your goal and you will succeed.”
Dr. Bettina Albert, Head of Customer Communications
“Don’t stop dreaming. And dream big. As a gamer girl, even when studying a non-games related subject, I always dreamt of working in games. I did some internships to check out options and directions – but scored with my first job after university. There might be less women working in games than in other fields, yes. But don't wait to be noticed – YOU control what happens and YOU have the skills, determination and creativity to make it happen.”

Nadine Wolf, Junior Social Media Manager
Kalypso Media values the impactful and ongoing movement of International Women’s Day, and would like to thank all women in their 200 employee team for their dedication, power and strength!


About the Kalypso Media Group
Kalypso Media Group GmbH is an independent publisher, developer and marketer of interactive entertainment software with over 200 employees at 10 locations across Germany, England, France, Japan, and the USA. The Kalypso Media Group includes Kasedo Games, the digital label of Kalypso Media Group, along with four development studios: Realmforge Studios (Dungeons series), Gaming Minds Studios (Railway Empire, Port Royale, Tropico 7), Claymore Game Studios (upcoming: Commandos Origins), and Bulwark Studios (Warhammer 40,000 – Mechanicus).
Specialising in the development of strategy and simulation games for a global audience on multi-platforms, Kalypso Media Group's IP portfolio includes full rights to the Tropico series, Commandos, Port Royale, Dungeons, Sudden Strike, and Railway Empire, among others. Kalypso Media's most recent releases are Tortuga - A Pirate's Tale, Railway Empire 2, Dungeons 4, The Inquisitor, and the upcoming Commandos: Origins, 2024. Recent releases from Kasedo Games include City of Gangsters, the console and tablet versions of Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus and IXION (upcoming: Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop). Find out more at www.kalypsomedia.com.

Article by: Susan N.


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