Memorable Music in Gaming #41

So we all knew that we would wind back up here at some point in time. That's right, I have once again risen from the depths to attempt a Memorable Music article. Taking the spotlight this time is Acquire and Square Enix's Octopath Traveler that not only did Natasha review a little while ago, but that I finally started to sit down to making my morning and evening commutes that much better!

I want to take a few seconds to thank Asleep in the Fantasy's YouTube channel where I was able to find a full list of these awesome tracks to share.

Like any good musical list especially in a JRPG the best place to start is the default battle theme. Since you'll be listening to this the most, this is one track you'll want to love otherwise it's going to make that journey a hell of a long one. Octopath's is a good upbeat one with a classical symphonic twist that makes me hum along and tap my fingers while issuing controls to my characters.

And following the idea behind a normal battle, the boss battles need to be up there as well! Like the battle theme and a lot of the others the catchy symphonic elements are there to help you along which is a good thing because honestly? Boss Battles can be freaking long sometimes so having a good tune in the background helps get through them.

I may be a bit biased on this next one, but it is my Memorable Music and H'aanit's theme is this soft haunting score that just fits so well with her character. Cool, collected and a general badass, I have no regrets with her being my main protagonist!

So that's it for now as I head towards the last of the seven of the cast. If you've played it all the way through like some that I know or if you're just starting like me, drop us a link in the comments for what your favorite tracks are.


Have an idea for what you think should be in a Memorable Music? Drop us a line as we would love to have guest articles on the subject!

Article by Pierre-Yves


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