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Over the last week or so, a number of holiday events have started in various video games, making our lives interesting because we want to play them all! Anyways, this week I'm going to talk about a game that I haven't really touched on before, and that is Destiny 2. I've been playing it since September and as a person that generally does not like shooters, I quite enjoy it.

The Dawning

Destiny 2's holiday event is called The Dawning and it requires baking cookies to give to people in The Tower and in some of the zones. When certain quests are completed, players will receive a new engram called WinterDrift Engrams which gives players new armor sets, emotes, and shaders. This is particularly good for players like me who are not yet at 600 power yet!

After making the first cookie for Zavala, players receive a quest to get a new exotic sparrow. I'm super excited about this. I like the sparrows... Anyways, a complete list of items, with pictures, can be viewed on the Destiny 2 Reddit thread found here.

So how does one begin The Dawning? First players have to go to Eva in the Tower, who is a stone throw away from Ikora. She will give you the initial ingredients to make a cookie for Zavala. Once that is completed, players have to farm the rest of the ingredients to complete the quest they receive. To make any of the cookies, players have to do their regular routine like completing strikes, bounties, gambits, etc... Since ingredients can be acquired as drops from every enemy, it's quite easy to make the first batch of cookies.

With that said, each kill and enemy type will drop different types of ingredients. Here is a handy list of the ingredient needed and what enemy or weapon type is required.

Common Ingredients

  • Chitin Powder – HIVE
  • Ether Cane – FALLEN
  • Dark Ether Cane – SCORN
  • Cabal Oil – CABAL
  • Vex Milk – VEX
  • Taken Butter – TAKEN

Rare Ingredients

  • Bullet Spray – SMG, Machine gun, or Auto Rifle kills
  • Delicious Explosion – Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, or regular Grenade kills
  • Sharp Flavor – Sword kills
  • Personal Touch – Melee kills
  • Perfect Taste – Precision Kills
  • Flash of Inspiration – Orbs of Light
  • Impossible Heat – Solar kills
  • Null Taste – Void kills
  • Electric Flavor – Arc kills

It takes three ingredients to make a cookie, a common, a rare, and Essence of Dawning. Since we covered how to get the common and rare ingredients, now it's knowing how to get the Essences. These are acquired from doing anything in the game. The amount received is based on what activity players complete. For example, public events will grant 5 Essence of Dawning whereas Heroic Strikes will give between 15-17. Nightfall Strikes have the highest drop at 23 Essence of Dawning, so take that into consideration when farming for cookies!

Anyways, initially, players need to use 15 of them in order to make a cookie while all the other ingredients require significantly less.

Once a player upgrades the oven to masterwork, each recipe will only require 10 Essence of Dawning. For more information about that and more can be seen in this video by Ninja Pups. Much of what I detailed in this article is in the video however, Ninja Pups goes into the best methods for farming Essences.

One final point about the Essences is the moment they are placed in the oven, they are consumed. In other words, make sure to have the right recipe before adding the Essence!

Final Thoughts

I've only been playing the Dawning content for a day and already I'm having a fun time with it. I definitely am going after the new sparrow and I like some of the ghost shells that can be received. I think it adds a light vibe to the game's content and The Tower looks pretty. Besides, I still need better gear!

How about you? Are you enjoying the Dawning?

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Until next time!

Article by Susan N.



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