Memorable Music in Gaming #16

So we have another batch of music to leave you with before the holidays here. I like to think of this as our winter / Christmas mix. Just video game songs that were set against generally cold, snowy levels and left an impression on me, so that every time I hear them? I picture some snow and ice and a brisk, cool wind.

Donkey Kong Country 3 - Jangle Bells

This was probably the easiest one on my list, as the title alone resembles such a popular winter song. The spirit of the winter holidays is alive and well in this peppy tune.

Earthbound - Winters

Admittedly, I feel as though my selection of songs is drawing upon my younger years. Maybe it is just because of all the hours I spent over Christmas break playing my shiny new video games while the snow came down outside? Still, with a name like 'Winters', it is hard not to recall this song found in Earthbound.

Mario Kart 64 - Frappe Snowland

This game was always a group activity back in college, and slipping and sliding around this particular track inevitably prompted quite a few laughs when we were done with the course. We did a lot of couch multiplayer back in college, and the extended break in classes gave us an opportunity to get together and have fun with titles just like this one.

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon - Chocobo's Happy Christmas

The title really says it all, but listening to the song, it has that light, airy feeling of holiday music.

Super Mario 64 - Cool Cool Mountain

Last, but anything but least, let me count the ways this song embodies holiday music for me. Aside from the snowy, 3D environment that was so fantastically rendered for the time, this music just sounds like a holiday song. More than that? I got Super Mario 64 and my Nintendo 64 for Christmas that year, and played them extensively over the break. This song just takes me right on back there.

We wish you all a happy holidays and will be back to our usual posting ways next Monday morning at 8am EST, bright and early. Take care!

Article by Nick

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