Memorable Music in Gaming #15

Here we go again, with a pretty diverse list of game songs to keep you humming along this fine Friday morning. We range from newer titles like Metro 2033 to an old MS-DOS game, with plenty of great songs in between.

Depth Dwellers (MS-DOS) - Main theme?

This is a strange one: an anomaly wrapped in a thick layer of curiosity! This game is considered among the worst Doom-clones ever made. Half of the mechanics don't make sense of any kind - you can duck and jump, but there's nothing to duck under or jump on. The story, gameplay and level design are very confusing, and the rating is very misleading. In short: Depth Dwellers is a broken mess of a game that makes you feel stupid. However, the music is interesting. Interesting in this regard that it's the only aspect that you can tolerate for more than a couple of seconds. The slow, dulcet melody that loops ad nauseam is the only thing from this game that has any - wait for it - depth to it! (sorry for the bad pun, but I couldn't resist)

Metro 2033 (PC) - Don't Forget

After Metro 2033's sublime main theme, it's kinda hard to listen to the other tunes from the OST because of the high standard the former sets. Don't Forget, however, is the only title that rises to the bar. An aptly titled music, the magic behind Don't Forget is its loud-soft dynamic that mirrors the more successful works of The Pixes and Nirvana. Pro-tip: play this in the background if you wish to become a shotgun-toting bad-ass in open-world wasteland games. If you insist on nuke launchers, however, then please kindly wait until I'm done with the, er, pata-pata with Nova.

Ico (PS2) - Heal

Just under 2 minutes long, Heal might very well be the definitive music for the indie gaming scene. I know Ico is not an indie game but Heal has that feel all over it. The perfect mellifluous melody to soothe and balm all of your pixel wounds and scars! This is how the Phoenix song should've been like in Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets.

Braid (PC) - Downstream

Braid is one of those titles that HAD to come into existence because it was already floating through time and space in puzzle form, with each unique piece drifting in different corners of the galaxy, ready to align vertically at the appropriate moment. All one had to do, to bring the pieces into concrete form, walk underneath it and get struck by the beam of light. I don't know, I'm just trying to sound as smart as this apparant genius scientist who designed this game, and that the bottom-line is that Downstream FTW! WOOT! WOOT!

Donkey Kong Country (SNES) - Main theme

At once nostalgic and dream-inducing, this game has tunes you wouldn't believe could ever be possible with the limited capabilities of the 16 bit era. While Aquatic Ambience is TEH BESTE from the OST, the main theme does a bang-up job of setting the mood once the playlist reaches there!

Article by Hamza

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