Sunset Overdrive promotes a new contest

Sunset Overdrive is one of those titles we were excited by when it was discussed during this year's E3. A new contest has been announced, it it definitely is worth a look.
Here is the press release:

This week Microsoft and Insomniac Games unveiled more enticing details on “Sunset Overdrive” in a new video that details how fans can dive into the vast assortment of customizations featured in the game. 
With the ability to mix-and-match a myriad of body types, skin tones, apparel, hair and body art options, “Sunset Overdrive” lets you create your unique character and assume any gender, race, or look you desire. In the video, you can hear directly from the creators of “Sunset Overdrive” as they discuss the inspirations behind the game’s customization features and their favorite pieces players can use.
Live out your end-of-times fantasies and be who YOU want to be.  You're the hero after all, right? 
And that’s not all. 
Fans who are feeling truly creative can join in on the fun by creating their very own “Sunset”-inspired design, with a chance for it to be featured in the game post-launch.
In “Sunset Overdrive,” it’s never been easier to just be you – or create your own post-apocalyptic alter ego!
For more information on “Sunset Overdrive,” visit
For assets related to “Sunset Overdrive,” please visit this post on Xbox Wire or click here
*Please note the fan design contest is US only and all participants are required to be 18 years of age. For more information on the design contest, please visit

And the video:

Article by Nick

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