Algo-Bot Kickstarter info

Logic/puzzle game Algo-Bot has been rolled out to Kickstarter by development team Fishing Cactus. You can go directly to the Kickstarter here if you are curious about it. Here is a bit more about the upcoming title.

Here is what they had to say:

Developer Fishing Cactus today unveiled "Algo-Bot" -- their upcoming 3D logic puzzle title for PC. In the game, you control Algo, a cheerful little robot with a serious job - clearing crates of toxic-waste from the factory floor. To help Algo get his job done, you create command combos, chaining together instructions to get Algo to the waste and remove it  -- the fewer commands you use, the better your score! The more you play, the more challenging the levels get, offering more puzzles, additional commands and functions for you to direct Algo, and additional robot helpers!

To fund the completion of Algo-Bot (which is currently in playable Alpha state), developer Fishing Cactus has launched a campaign on Kickstarter, with a goal of $40,000 USD. For each donation to the campaign, Fishing Cactus will give one copy of Algo-Bot to a school for use in their technology curriculum! Once funding is completed, Fishing Cactus is aiming to release Algo-Bot in December 2014 on Windows PC. Additional platforms are part of the stretch goals, and include Mac and Linux versions.

About Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus is a Belgian video game development studio founded in 2008 by four experienced AAA talents, from the ashes of 10Tacle (Totems, Urban Race). A very prolific team, Fishing Cactus has already worked on over 50 different titles for a wide variety of digital platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo Wii et 3DS). The gang has performed work-for-hire for several top-tier publishers such as UbiSoft, SEGA or BigBen Interactive. Their track record includes the critically acclaimed Shift (iPhone, iPad, Nintendo 3DS), which has already been played by almost 16 million people worldwide, Paf Le Chien (best-selling iOS free app of 2011 in France), Trenches Generals and Shaun White. Fishing Cactus currently employs 30 programmers, designers and artists in Mons, Belgium.

And here are some screens and art:

And lastly, the trailer:

Article by Nick

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