Play The Escape - a demo built in FPS Creator Reloaded

The ability to create games using engines has long been an interest of mine, and likely plenty of other gamers too. We talked some time ago about how these kinds of tools really help to foster someone's ideas and imagination. A favorite example of ours is the popular RPG Maker VX Ace, which Robert reviewed and absolutely adored. FPS Creator Reloaded takes a lot of those same principles and attempts to give gamers the opportunity to create the kinds of shooters they and their friends want to play.

Currently a demo called The Escape is available for people curious to see just what this new engine is capable of creating. Here is the press release:

The Game Creators have released a FREE game demo called "The Escape", all built with the very latest version of FPS Creator Reloaded. It shows just what's possible with the world's easiest to use 3D game creator. Game players must escape a remote enemy compound and reach the extraction point, avoiding a myriad of clever A.I. enemies including the all new RPG wielding heavies!

Simon Keating, Game Designer of The Escape, had this to say about the process of making
 the game:

"The Escape did not take me long to make. To get the level as I wanted it I subtly tweaked entity positions, terrain, foliage, A.I. routes and game mechanics over a period of time, but the core playable level was made in under an hour. The easy interface in FPS Creator Reloaded allowed me to rapidly create my vision and when I found the flaws in my design I could quickly refine and test it until I was happy. For the first time ever, anyone with a desire to create an FPS game can bring one to life, and no special skills are required. If they want they can also share their map levels and let others edit them. FPS Creator Reloaded makes the process quick, painless, and most importantly fun. As more features are added over the coming months my game will only get better."

Rick Vanner, Development Director of The Game Creators, commented:
"With the features we have developed over these past few months, FPS Creator Reloaded can now be used to create high quality FPS games that are exciting, realistic and fun to play. The Escape shows the potential of what's possible by one game designer. By using new model media and A.I. scripts (many of which can be accessed from the online store) a whole host of different game types will start to appear."

FPS Creator Reloaded now includes these advanced features:

•A.I. scripting with LUA
•RPG weapons
•New enemy types
•Ragdoll deaths
•Improved engine performance
•Improved A.I.
•Advanced music control
•An online store with over 600 game ready assets
•Encryption of standalone games
•Game menu system for setting graphic and audio settings
•You Tube based video tutorials

The latest version of FPS Creator Reloaded brings significant enhancements including improved performance across a wide range of PCs, LUA based scripting commands for A.I. control, a full physics based game environment.

"We're now at the stage where we have the core of the engine complete. Moving forward we're publishing FPS Creator Reloaded onto STEAM in September as an Early Access title and we'll then focus on additional modules such as multiplayer, a construction kit for creating in-game buildings and a character creator. We're fostering a creative community and they along with us are getting more and more excited by the powerful and creative opportunities FPS Creator Reloaded is opening up." commented Lee Bamber, CEO and lead developer of The Game Creators.

The Escape can be downloaded from here, and the official website for FPS Creator Reloaded can be found here.

A lot more than your typical military shooter is capable, and some of these screenshots demonstrate what can potentially be made using the engine:

Article by Nick

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