Pandora gets a new add-on today

I am just going to come out and say I really enjoyed Pandora: First Contact. When I reviewed it, I talked about how I enjoyed the combat, the exploration and more - it was definitely worth playing. Well good news as more content has arrived for this gloriously hostile planet.

And here is the press release, with a subtle editor highlight:

Be subtle! Be subtle! And use your spies for every kind of business” (The Art of War, by Sun Tzu)

Praised for the quality of its AI “Pandora offers a stiff challenge – Digitally Downloaded”, its unique and lively world “This world is vast and a lot of fun – Mouse’n’Joypad”, and its neat mechanics and streamlined UI “It was easy to pick up and play – Chalgyr”, Pandora: First Contact had lot to offer to 4X fans at its release, late 2013. Thanks to patches and a free expansion, the game has become even deeper and more entertaining. Now Proxy-Studios wants to transform Pandora into a darker and secret battlefield; a place where espionage and diplomacy can prevail!

With Eclipse of Nashira, new dangers and opportunities enter the world of Pandora. A new faction shows its face, talking of peace and friendship while their spies operate behind enemy lines. Nothing is what it seems anymore, as agents conduct covert warfare of espionage and sabotage, inciting revolts and stealing technologies. At the same time, another alien species native to the planet has appeared, lurking in the shadows. In order to overcome this new alien menace, the different factions start to expand beyond the planet's landmass to generate more resources, opening up a new frontier. 

To deal with all of these unfamiliar threats and opportunities, Pandora will be seen in a new light and players will have to develop a whole array of new strategies to maintain dominance over the planet.

Enjoy the sun while it shines, because this long eclipse is scheduled for later this year!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Seriously though - great news for a fun game and it sounds like there is more in the works.

Article by Nick

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