Daedalic Entertainment Studio West: Story-telling specialists establish a new development studio

Daedalic has made a bunch of our favorite titles here at Chalgyr's Game Room, ranging from adventure titles like The Night of the Rabbit and The Whispered World Special Edition to the turn-based strategy title Blackguards. Now Daedalic Entertainment has announced the establishment of a new studio - the Daedalic Entertainment Studio West GmbH. As of now, their focus will be to develop new high quality games in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Here is the press announcement:

Today, Hamburg-based adventure game and story-trelling specialist Daedalic Entertainment establishes a new development studio that is supposed to operate from Duesseldorf, Germany.

The new studio, operating under the name of Daedalic Entertainment Studio West, is a sister company of Daedalic Entertainment. Carsten Fichtelmann is appointed as Managing Director for both the parent company as well as Daedalic Entertainment Studio West. He founded the new studio together with industry veterans Andreas Suika, who takes over the role of Creative Director, and Technical Director Dirk Steenpaß.

"Our new studio continues our strategy of developing high quality story- and character-driven games. At Daedalic Entertainment Studio West, there will be a lot of similarities to what we’re doing at Daedalic’s head offices in Hamburg, however, the new Duesseldorf studio will rather be focusing on genres other than adventure games”, explains Daedalic founder and Managing Director Carsten Fichtelmann. “We’ll soon reveal details on Daedalic Studio West’s first project”, he adds. “Together with our industry veteran partners Andreas Suika and Dirk Steenpaß, we‘re very happy to not only start a new adventure for Daedalic, but also to secure Daedalic’s future development.”

“Making the dream of creating a really good game come true does not only require a partner who is ready to commit to bring it what it needs on the development-side of things, but also excels in marketing a product. It’s not easy to develop an outstanding game, but Daedalic is the right partner and gives the right set up to do so. Now, Daedalic opens up another base for developing great games”, says Daedalic Entertainment Studio West Creative Director Andreas Suika. “Over the past weeks, we realized that we share important values and ideas, and that we complement one another perfectly. Since the very first minute we met, we are seeing a very creative exchange happening between the creatives of both teams“, Andreas Suika adds.

Daedalic’s new studio now also allows the company to look for development talent in other areas than Hamburg.

Details on Daedalic Entertainment’s Studio West’s first projects as well as the office location etc. will be revealed soon.

Article by Nick

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